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Exclusive: Frankmusik "The Fear Inside" Video Stills

Steamy! There's a whole new Frankmusik in town and the sizzling video for "The Fear Inside" is proof of that. No more quirky and cute videos. The video for "The Fear Inside" is a grown up affair that perfectly fits the massive global pop sound of the song.

A trailer for the video will premier tonight at midnight PST on the Cherrytree Records web site, but scroll through a few stills from the video now to get a taste of what's about to come. It features Frankmusik and actress Natalie Loren. 

The first thing Frankmusik showed me before he let me listen to any of his new music back in October was the video for "The Fear Inside" to properly introduce his new direction.

In many ways, the big production of the video and its overall aesthetic are a big statement that mark an exciting new phase in his career. "The Fear Inside" video shows Frankmusik as the bonafide pop star he is. This video is the perfect kick off to what he is about to deliver. (Photos by Photo by Cassandra Gracey)

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Free MP3 Download: Orlando Menthol "The Message"


Grab a totally guilt-free MP3 download of Orlando Menthol's flaming new "The Message," a chunky dancefloor stomper that shows off the duo's impressive beatmaking skills. Orlando Menthol is the teaming of MC David Kohler and producer Simon Kallweit who hail from Langenthal, Switzerland.

The two Swiss guys have been making music since 1999 when they first started collaborating on Swiss German hip hop tracks that gradually evolved into crafting progresssive dance pop fusing Simon's beats and David rhymes. "The Message" is taken from the group's new "The Message In The Media," which is impacting charts in Switzerland this week. Listen and download "The Message" after the break.

Orlando Menthol "The Message"

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Free MP3 Download: Polarsets "Morning"


Polarsets is the British alt-pop trio of Rob Howe (vocals/guitar), Mickey Smith (bass/vocals) and James Rudd (drums/vocals). Together they craft a sound that they like to refer to as "ibiza indie," which neatly describes their unorthodox brew of pop that combines glowing synths, vivid melodies and simple guitar lines. Sample for example their new single "Morning" that incorporates all those ingredients with some cow bells to boot.

Polarsets "Morning" (Giom Remix)

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Listen to Icona Pop "Still Don't Know"


Here's some fresh new Swedish pop for your weekend.

Listen to Icona Pop's "Still Don't Know," a brand-new track that follows "Manners" that first appeared on the Kitsune 10 compilation. Icona Pop is the pairing of female DJs Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo who decided on a "neon-lit night" to write songs about "dark feelings and happy moments." Think The Ting Tings meet Lo-Fi-Fnk.

Driven by galloping percussion and a glowing chorus, "Still Don't Know" neatly shows what Icona Pop's forward brand of music is all about. Caroline and Aino create savvy pop tunes that are dominated by quirky production stylings and carefree, accessible lyrics that listeners can quickly relate to. It's the type of left-field pop that makes you want to chew on again and again, and can enjoy long after the first bite.

Pop heads among you will get hooked on the chorus of "Still Don't Know" the instant it hits. Guaranteed. Listen to the entire song after the break.

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Free MP3 Download: Kylie Minogue "Better Than Today" (Monarchy Remix)


Remix/producer duo Monarchy dropped a new winter mixtape this week that includes their revamp of Kylie Minogue's new single "Better Than Today," which they have dubbed the Kylie Through The Worm Hole remix. The track is taken from Kylie's forthcoming "Better Than Today" remix EP that you can pre-order here.

Monarchy cut up the original song and pasted it back together to create a slow-burning powerhouse with the help of slinky house beats, sampled vocal loops and an icy breakdown half way through the track. This sounds nothing like the sparkly pop original, but this remix neatly spotlights Monarchy's soundboard smarts. Listen and download the track after the break.

Kylie Minogue "Better Than Today" (Monarchy Remix)

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