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Video Interview: Arjan Chats with Jacqueline Govaert

The Netherlands is not particularly known internationally for its pop music even though the country is home of some outstanding pop talent. Point case is Jacqueline Govaert, the lead singer of now-defunct power pop act Krezip that served up a high-grade pop sound which even caught the attention of Sony BMG boss Clive Davis who had them on his coveted shortlist to sign in North America.

The spunky boys and girls of Krezip decided to call it quits a couple of years ago to pursue other interests. Charismatic lead songstress Jacqueline Govaert decided to take a break from music and start a family. But after spending a few years out of the limelight, she was compelled to scratch her musical itch and head back into the recording studio.

The massively popular Dutch pop singer started working on her solo album "Good Life" after listening to lots of Beatles LPs. Her trip down memory lane inspired her to record an album of timeless pop gems that is dominated by a decidedly sixties and seventies sound in the vein of the music of her British peers Adele, Duffy and Amy Winehouse.

To bring all of you outside of The Netherlands up to date, I chatted with Jacqueline about her success with Krezip and recording her solo debut. Animated, fun and totally candid, the singer also explains why she's a bit of a hippie at heart and her thoughts about international success.

She's also pregnant with her second child and she shows off her big belly. Kaboom! You must scroll to the 5:20 minute mark to the see the unveiling of the little good life she's carrying around. Super fun!

(Thanks Jacqueline for taking the time, and thank you Tijs and Tom for coordinating all of this goodness. (Click here to purchase "Good Life" on iTunes. Only in The Netherlands. For now.)

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