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Video Interview: Arjan Chats with Hurts

British synth-pop duo Hurts is one of the most exciting pop things to happen this year. Combining an impeccable stylish performance with grand synth-driven melodies, the group of Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson have just released their debut album, titled "Hapiness." (If you're in Europe click to purchase "Happiness" in The Netherlands or the U.K. on iTunes.)

The group recently made a quick stop in Amsterdam to do some promotions for the album. I caught up with Adam and Theo to chat about everything Hurts. (Unfortunately, we had didn't have the greatest Transatlantic connection which affected the video and audio quality, but that didn't spoil our fun whatsoever.)

It really gets good in the second half of the video. After getting some scoop on their music, the ice was broken and we chatted about the famous Hurts comb, gin, rose petals, fashion, the gay community,  and their love for Prince, Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga. And yes, they are not so serious as their imagery may have led you to believe. I got a few good laughs out of them.

(Thank you Adam and Theo for such a fun chat. Also, thanks to the amazing Sandra, Gwynne and Tom for making it happen.)

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