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Watch Sky Ferreira "Obsession"


Somewhere on the junction of creepy and cute, you will find the video of Sky Ferreira's U.S. debut single "Obsession." The video was directed by Marc Klasfel and features Sky being fanatically obsessed with Tarantino muse Michael Madsen who is mostly known for appearing in films like Reservoir Dogs, Donnie Brasko, Kill Bill and Sin City. 

Penned by Ryan Tedder, "Obsession" is not as adventurous and edgy as "One" (Sky's debut track in Europe), but "Obsession" sure is catchy, and will surely race up the charts stateside. Watch the video here

And if you missed my video interview with Sky earlier, make sure to watch it here. Super fun! (Support new pop and download "Obession" on iTunes.)

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Listen to Kylie Minogue "Wonderful Life" (Hurts Cover)


This is immaculate and incredibly moving. 

Kylie Minogue visited BBC's Radio One's Live Lounge yesterday to perform a few acoustic versions of songs from her new album. She also performed a cover of Hurts' stunning "Wonderful Life," backed by a small orchestra that upped the emotional intensity of the song. It was a way for Kylie to return the favor after Hurts previously covered "Confide In Me" (consider it a sequel).

Kylie's delicate and pristine vocals fit this track so perfectly. What a great choice of song. And quite frankly, with all the news about gay teenage suicides on the rise in America and Dan Savage's It Gets Better campaign gaining momentum on YouTube, hearing the gay-loving pop princess utter the words "Don't give up. It is a wonderful life," hit me even harder emotionally. (Donate to the important Trevor Project if you can. Their work saves lives.)

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Listen to Mr Little Jean "Angel"


Mr Little Jeans is something special. Listen to "Angel," the peppy title track from her debut EP that she released earlier this year. The song neatly introduces listeners to her warming brand of lo-fi, folktronic indie pop. Think Ellie Goulding meets Karen O meets Lykke Li. That's a pretty irresistible combo, right? You may already be familiar with the singer (whose real name is Monica Birkin) as one the EP's tracks is currently featured in an HP commercial. Grab a free MP3 download of the song, plus an excellent remix by Andre Anjos. 

Mr Little Jeans "Angel" 
 Mr Little Jeans "Angel" (RAC Remix)

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Free MP3 Download: Human Life "Wherever We Are" (Lovers & Gamblers Remix)

Lovers and Gamblers bring on a dance pop sound that is influenced by "anything and everything great from Steely Dan to Aeroplane." The group of L'Verge, Triple Owl, VF and Crystal BonBon found their groove when they toured with Little Boots last year. In fact, they are Little Boots touring band who have accompanied the British pop singer for much of 2009 and 2010. 

Now they are gearing up to strike out on their own. They have released remixes of tracks by Marina & The Diamonds, Yes Giantess, and now they have revamped Human Life's new single, titled "Wherever We Are," which you can download here exclusively. Totally guilt-free. The original is a solid synth-happy pop tune and Lovers & Gamblers turn it into a sparkly dancefloor number.

Human Life "Wherever We Are" (Lovers & Gamblers Remix)

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Ready to Pop: Le Concorde "Who's Gonna Feel Sorry For Us"


Le Concorde is the brainchild of California singer/songwriter Stephen Becker who left his hometown of Chicago a few years ago for the sun-bleached shores of the West Coast to record his new album. 

Titled "House," the record is filled with infectious synth melodies, catchy choruses and shimmering, lo-fi soundscapes that show off Becker's knack for writing timeless pop that shines in simplicity. 

Becker likes to describe the album as "brainy, yet accessible." His idea was to challenge listeners through his storytelling, to look through the glittery mirror ball and see what’s on the other side. “I always set the bar exceedingly high for myself,” says Stephen. "

"The records I like to make are ambitious in their sonic details and arrangements; to me each song is a painstakingly hand-crafted jewel." File under Passion Pit, Cut Copy, Owl City and Hot Chip.

Le Concorde "Who's Gonna Feel Sorry For Us"

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