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MTV VMA Performer Florence and The Machine Talks Lady Gaga, Gays and Getting Awards


One of the most anticipated performers at this year's MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday is Florence and The Machine. The British singer will be performing her break out hit "Dog Days Are Over" that is nominated for an impressive four VMAs, including Video Of The Year, Best Rock Video and Best Art Direction.

A few days ago, I sat down with Florence for a totally fun and candid chat to talk about her upcoming show at the VMAs and the incredible success of her debut album "Lungs," which has been a success in the charts and received massive amounts of critical acclaim and accolades.

Florence also confides that she has received special help from none other than Lady Gaga to get ready for her show on Sunday, and that she hopes to meet Drake and Nicki Minaj on the Red Carpet. Florence also gives a special shout out to her gay fans who have been huge supporters of her music.

Congratulations with all of your success over the past few months. It has been an incredible year for you.
Thank you, Arjan! I know! It is supposed to be winding down right now, but it doesn't seem to be.

You've not only had success in the charts with "Lungs," but you've received loads of awards and nominations too. The critics love you!
Aww. That's nice of you to say. I've been really lucky with all of the recognition that the album has received. When you are making an album all that you really want is for people to take it to heart, but to get all the critical acclaim is amazing as well. I very much appreciate it.

Is there one award that you received that you are particularly proud of?
To be nominated for the Mercury Prize was a pretty big deal for me. Especially, because the entire album was nominated. It was all about the work that was being recognized. It's all about the music and that is what's important to me. Winning the Brit Awards was pretty amazing as well. Sometimes I remember, "Oh my god, I actually won that." And I have a little moment with myself [laughs].

I really like that you got nominated for the NME Best Dancefloor Filler Award for "You've Got The Love."
I like that one too! I never thought that would happen. I must tell you that I'm obsessed with dance music, I love dance music, the way that a song can take over your mind and body. We totally recorded "You've Got The Love" on a whim. We are not a dance band, but I was like "shit, why not?" The original is so fantastic - the lyrics, the bassline. We just had to cover it.

And I must tell you that gay men love dancing to that song
[laughs] Amazing! I have such a fantastic gay fanbase. I just had an amazing gay night out actually in London that I must tell you about. There's this gay party here called Tranny Bash. My friend Violet Flames performed and she has the most amazing voice but when she performed the other day her guitar broke so I jumped on stage to do backing vocals. It was like my big moment. I love the gay community. I feel a lot of love, and I want to give a lot of love back.

I'm really looking forward to your performance on the VMAs on Sunday. Are you ready?
Oooh. I really take thing one day at a time, but yesterday it just hit me. We've been talking about the performance for like months. but I had my fitting for the dress yesterday and I was like "oh my god the VMAs! You're really gonna do this!" I've been home for a while and I've been trying not to think about it. It is insane!

Do you have favorite VMA performance?
We have been looking at past VMA performances to get some inspiration, and hands-down my favorite is Madonna performing "Like A Virgin" It is so amazing. There are no dancers, no nothing, it is just incredible. I loved Britney Spears doing "Satisfaction" too. That was pretty major. Blew me away.

Are you performing "Dog Days Are Over"? Can you give us a sneak peek?
Basically, we are going to recreate that chaotic energy that the Dog Days video has. The song and video have been nominated so we figured that would be appropriate. I want to recreate that reckless energy and a sense of abandonment on stage. There will be quite a few references from the video on stage.

Everybody will be at the VMAs on Sunday. Who would you like to meet?
Good question! Mmmm. You know I'm a really big fan of Drake and I'm a really big fan of Nicki Minaj so it would exciting to meet them. I'm probably really shell shocked and be totally British about the whole thing and be super polite. I'm a huge monster too so I can't wait to meet Lady Gaga again. We met a couple of times before and she is absolutely lovely.

I've been really into Lady Gaga's last album lately. I've been trying to whip myself back into shape to get ready for the VMAs. When I'm on tour I'm gigging everyday so I stay pretty healthy, but I've had time off off, so I've been wanting to keep it up and so basically I put on Lady Gaga's music and work out like a maniac for an hour. So I will be at the show saying "See this Gaga? This is thanks to you." [Laughs]

Have blast and Sunday, and perhaps we'll see you again at The GRAMMYs!
Ooooh. Who knows! I can't even think about that right now That would be amazing.

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