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Casey Spooner Releases Debut Album "Adult Contemporary"

Fischerspooner is one of the best and most underrated bands of the last few years. Combining a strong visual aesthetic with edgy electronica, the music and performance of Warren Fisher and Casey Spooner has the power to push listeners out of their comfort zones and give them a moving new experience. Take for example their raw and spine chilling tune "Emerge," which is nothing less than brilliant and is hands-down one of my favorite songs of the last decade.

Casey Spooner returns this week with his debut solo album "Adult Contemporary" that he is releasing independently. Some of you may have seen Casey open for the Scissor Sisters on their current U.S. tour. It is a gig that quickly came together and lacks any of the big visual extravaganza that Fischerspooner is known for.

Musically, "Adult Contemporary" is also a departure from Fischerspooner's crunchy electro. This accomplished solo effort features a bold and revivalist alt-pop sound that shows off, yes, a rockier side of Spooner with flaming guitars riffs and hopping horn sections.

The sound on this record is very reminiscent of the music put out by the New Romantics movement in the '80s. Inspired by David Bowie, bands like Roxy Music and The Cars put out a lush sound that merged guitar-oriented rock and synth-driven pop.

Listen for example to the stirring, stomping "Exquisite Corpse" and "Fay Dunaway" (that was produced by Jeff Saltzman), and the brassy "Cinnamon Toast." "Spirit Cooking" includes a warming synth pump that wraps around the somewhat haunting voice over of performance artist Marina Abramovic. Beautifully sung is the slow-churning "Spanish Teenager" that features his pal Jake Shears.

Spooner shows off some of his signature lyrical wit on "RSVP," in which pokes fun at New York's uppity fashion scene. "I may not be the most fashionable New Yorker, maybe I'm just jaded. I don't want to go, I just want to be invited."

You can download "Adult Contemporary" exclusively on Casey Spooner's web site. Download the album's "Faye Dunaway" to get a proper introduction to the album.

Casey Spooner "Faye Dunaway"

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