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Watch Russ Chimes "Midnight Club EP" (Part 1: Never Look Back)

Check out the first episode of an extended video series of three parts that is produced to promote for producer Russ Chimes' forthcoming new EP "Midnight Club," which includes the tracks "Never Look Back," "Tertre Rouge" and "Targa." Directed by Saman Keshavarz and produced by Francis Pollara, this raw, stylish and cut up cine-sensation stars Kendrick Kellawan, Mindy Brenner, Jessica Franz and Ben Barrett. Mighty cool stuff.

Each song will be released as a separate music video, but when combined the trilogy will tell one single, narrative. "Each separate piece is a part of the whole, which tells the viewer a bit at a time and helps to make sense of the immensely complex and nonlinear story," producer Pollara tells me.  He adds that the video features several colliding story lines that go along very well with Chimes' amped up, atmospheric and pop-savvy dance music. This first installment of the three part series will be followed by part two on September 1.

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