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Listen to MyToyBox "It's The Weekend"

British teen pop raver MyToyBox sure is ready for the weekend all week long with his hyper infectious, happy go lucky summer anthem "It's The Weekend." The song is a tastemaker for his U.K. debut single "Free" that is scheduled for release this October on Jive Records. 

MyToyBox is the brainchild of 19 year-old Matt Nash who started his career as a singer of a metal band but became a pop convert after a night on the town that got him hooked on the melody. "I suddenly was surrounded by all this upbeat, fun music and realized that there's nothing quite like a euphoric pop chorus to really make a night," he explains in a press release.

"It was like a lightbulb moment where I figured out that's the type of music that makes you forget any problems and just have an amazing time. Trying to write a chorus like that myself took a little while, but fingers crossed I've cracked it."

Matt's pop career hit the fast lane when he partnered with British clothing and lifestyle brand BBYCKS and rocked their events around the U.K. that sparked interest from Jive Records. For the past few months, he has been recording music and trying out material during his live gigs. And judging from "It's The Weekend," Matt Nash has his toybox filled with plenty of sweetness to color the rainbow and make the kids cheer for more, more, more. Unpretentious and totally fun. (Click here to download an MP3 mini mix of more of MyToyBox's straight up, sweet pop goodness.)

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