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Blackroom Unveils New Tracks


Norwegian pop trio Blackroom has unveiled some much-anticipated new tracks this week that will surely satisfy the synth-pop purists among you. Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Blackroom (formerly called Lorraine) is the teaming of Ole Gunnar Gundersen (vocals), Anders Winsents (guitar) and Pal Myran Haaland (keyboards, programming). The treesome first hit the European music scene in 2003 with songs like "Perfect Cure" and "Echoes," followed by "Italian Girlfriend" and "Transatlantic Flight." After parting ways with Columbia Records, they are now independently recording and releasing their music.

The group's new tracks "Control" (listen below) and "Ecstasy" further strengthen Blackroom's brand of pop that is dominated by vivid melodies and grand, well-constructed soundscapes that at times is reminiscent of Depeche Mode, a-ha, Pet Shop Boys and New Order. Particularly compelling about these new tracks is Ole's intense and emotive delivery that neatly balances the songs' stark production stylings

Singer Ole Gunnar Gunderson writes me more about the feeling of jealousy and possessiveness that inspired "Control," "[The song] is about being fascinated with another person, wanting them, but not knowing their intentions with you. You convince yourself that your in control but knowing deep inside someone else is pulling your strings annd the feeling that comes along with that." Look out for more Blackroom music very soon.

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