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Free MP3 Download: Adam Tyler "Friction" (Richard Autobahn Remix)

Los Angeles-based pop singer Adam Tyler serves up a totally infectious slice of straight up dance pop with his new single, "Friction." Fans of the catchy and slick productions of Max Martin and Dennis Pop will be in for a big, juicy treat with this new track that is dominated by a sound that is reminiscent of guilty-pleasure boy band pop. The Berklee School of Music graduate is celebrating the release of his new single by giving away Richard Autobahn's dance remix of "Friction" exclusively to readers of ArjanWrites.com. Watch the video of "Friction" after the jump. (Support new pop and download the single version of "Friction" on iTunes.)

Adam Tyler "Friction" (Richard Autobahn Remix)

June 29, 2010 in MP3 | Permalink


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hmm, this seems like very throw away, unmemorable.. Dangerous Muse/Adam Lambert -lite.

Even Simon Curtis is more authentic than this

Ive heard a lot of Max Martin Denniz PoP productions in my day...this isnt close. No wall of sound production, no huge catchy chorus with big back up vocals

Posted by: Astro at Jul 8, 2010 12:44:11 PM