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Free MP3 Download: Chromeo "Night By Night" (Robots With Rayguns Remix)


While fans are eagerly waiting for Chromeo's new album, the "Night By Night" remixes just keep on coming. The latest revamp of the duo's neon-lit, funktastic original was produced by Baltimore-based producer Robots With Rayguns (aka Lucas Smith). Smith stays true to his reputation and injects his new version of "Night By Night" with a potent dose of dancefloor bliss. Smith adds a throbbing and finely cut synth loop to Chromeo's original, which juxtaposes nicely with David's vocals. Highly recommended.

On a related note, Chromeo's sophomore album, titled "Business Casual," will hit stores August 17 on Atlantic Records. The album promises to bring more of the duo's sentimental-yet-intelligent electronic pop music that is inspired by 70's and 80's oft-overlooked pop progenitors such as Hall & Oates, Zapp, and Rick James.

Mixed by longtime Chromeo collaborator Phillipe Zdar and featuring artwork by the multifaceted Paris design collective Surface 2 Air, "Business Casual" marks a "continuation of the fierce funk jams that Chromeo do best - as well as a new sophisticated, mature direction with more lovers' ballads woven into the mix," according to a press release.

Chromeo "Night By Night" (Robots With Rayguns Remix)

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The Daily Crunch: Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera, Official Hot Mess, Mini Viva, DJ Erok, B.o.B


Review revue: Critics chat about Christina's new video (Idolator)
Top 10 controversial music videos of all time (Spinner)
Bad decision: Lala.com shuts down its fan-friendly music service (LA Times)
Still so fearless: Watch Melissa Etheridge's new video (Popbytes)
More Christina: Did the singer rip off Sue Sylvester? (Towleroad)
Download: DJ Erok presents The Nod Factor Vol 1 (EastofLA)
Big banger: Download Mr Vega "Mac Attack" (CultureofMe)
Kylie Minogue to host AmfAR benefit (Logo)
No joke: Watch Official Hot Mess "Welcome 2 LA" (MTV Buzzworthy)
Pop duo Mini Viva puts out "wicked" new single (BBC Radio One)
Cool things of the day: App-enhanced alarm clock (iHome)
Dominique Young Unique to release mixtape (Sheena Beaston)
B.o.B. is "justly compared" to Andre 3000 (Creative Loafing)
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Listen and Download The Good Natured "Your Body Is A Machine"


Sarah McIntosh is quite something special. Having salvaged her grandmother’s 1980s Yamaha keyboard, she has a penchant for creating synth-driven, atmospheric and subtly dramatic left-field pop that is bit like a cross between a young Kate Bush, Siouxsie Sioux, and lyrically reminiscent of Morrissey. After putting out 2009's "Warrior" under her The Good Natured moniker, she returns on July 5 with the new EP, "Your Body Is A Machine." Listen to the intensely haunting title track and download two remixes totally guilt-free.

The Good Natured "Your Body Is A Machine" (Zebra & Snake remix)
The Good Natured "Your Body Is A Machine" (Portmanteau remix)

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Exclusive Interview: Arjan Chats with Keane (Part 2 of 2)


Keane's excellent new EP "Night Train" was directly inspired by the trio's extensive world tour that took them to all the corners of the world in 2008 and 2009.

While on the road performing headlining show in 28 countries, the group wrote, recorded and produced the entire album. As a result, "Night Train" is a musical compilation of their global adventures, much like a musical souvenir, featuring a diverse set of songs and sonic flavors with unexpected collaborators.

In the second and final part of my interview with Keane's lead songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley, we chatted extensively about life on the road and about his favorites places to visit and perform. We also talked about what fans can expect from Keane musically in the not so distant future.

"Night Train" is a reflection of your life on the road during 2008 and 2009. From all the different places you visited, what city or country defied your expectations upon your first visit, in a good or bad way?
Well, they all do really. Both Singapore and South Korea were pretty amazing in that we didn't expect to have that many fans there given that we hadn't visited before. But the gigs were massive and people were incredibly enthusiastic and welcoming. It felt like a quite a big deal that we were in town, which is always a really amazing feeling and gives you a big boost.

It must be pretty challenging to live out of a suitcase for such a long period of time. What is an item you can absolutely not travel without?
My laptop is without a doubt the best thing I've ever bought. It means I can spend the many, many long journeys either working on music or watching movies. And then there's the whole world of being able to do video chats with the family, which is really a big, big help when you're away from home so much.

You've been to many different places and performed in many different cities. Looking back, do you have a favorite venue to perform in?
Hmm. I think for sheer sense of occasion it would have to be the O2 Arena in London. It's just so massive, and because it goes up so high it has a real feeling of being in a cauldron, with people as far as the eye can see. And of course, it's the home crowd and always a very big moment on any tour. I'm very proud that we've been able to play there a few times.

What is your tour rider like? Is there something that you absolutely need or want to have backstage or in a green room to get ready for your gig? Champagne? Crackers and cheese? Bottles of fancy mineral water? What gets Keane going?
We have all sorts of crap that none of us remember asking for but keeps turning up all the same. Mountains of fruit and various kinds of drinks, those weird health bars. It's like a traveling grocery store that gets restocked every day. It's pretty vulgar the amount of food that gets wasted in dressing rooms, so we're really trying to cut it right down now. There's nothing I feel I can't live without backstage. Although a reasonably clean toilet is always a bonus! Ah, the glamour! Ha!

Let's chat for a moment about the future of Keane. "Night Train" is labeled as an EP and it seems to be a record that you guys had to get out of your system after the extensive Perfect Symmetry tour. Many fans are curious about the musical direction of your future efforts. Is there a sound, genre or style you're interested in exploring more?
There's so much to learn. I can't work out whether I'd like to make an entirely electronic record or something more acoustic. We were pretty inspired by doing more acoustic stuff - for example our show at Largo in LA - this time round, and I think we might like to bring some of that into our recorded music. Jon Brion was pointing out after the Largo show that doing things in that stripped-back way really focuses people on the songs, so they listen to the lyrics and really engage with the meaning rather than being swept up by it. We'll see what happens!

Thanks, Tim!

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Listen to Lady Gaga "Alejandro" (Electrolightz Remix)


After giving "Telephone" a pumping remix treatment, my pals of Electrolightz now take on Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" and turn it into a hard-pounding dancefloor filler. Electrolightz' Name Brand makes a brief cameo on the revamp, laying down some rhymes to spice of Lady Gaga sweet and sultry original. You can always count on Electrolightz to stir up the party and this remix is no exception. Download the remix here (MP3).

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