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Video Premiere: Lady Gaga feat Beyonce "Telephone"


Wow. Wow. Wow. Epic. Iconic. This new Gaga video totally lives up to all the hype surrounding the premiere. What an incredible piece of work. Nothing short of a masterpiece, and a great continuation of the "Paparazzi" storyline. I'm loving every second of it.

What I particularly like is not just the great cinematography, choreography or wild fashion, but it is the totally silly and incredibly fun one-liners that are sprinkled throughout the video.

From "Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger" to "A broken mirror is like love, you can fix it but you can still see the motherf***** reflection." Lady Gaga and Beyonce are a hoot in this new video. And I can I just add that Gaga's hotness rubs off on Beyonce. She's looking cooler than ever.

Watch the video after the jump.(What do you think of the video?)