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Free MP3 Download: Ou Est Le Swimming Pool "These New Knights" (Tiesto Remix)

Tiesto is not the man he used to be. Now living full-time in Los Angeles, the Dutch superstar DJ has been branching out into remixing and producing R&B, hip hop and indie pop to create a new crossover sound of his own. He must have been inspired by DJs like David Guetta who have been able to do that very successfully. Listen to Tiesto's remix of underground electro faves Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. It has Tiesto written all over it with its tight, pacing beat and hard-hitting climatic dancefloor moments that are sprinkled around the track.

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool "These New Knights" (Tiesto Remix)

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Free MP3 Download: Ali Love "Smoke & Mirrors" (Channel 83 Remix)


Ali Love just keeps on sharing the goodness. Download Channel 83's groovy remix of his new single "Smoke & Mirrors" that will be out in the U.K. on April 12. After "Diminishing Returns" and "Love Harder," I'm hoping this one will create the dent in the chart Love deserves. Love the retro disco vibe of this remix. Ch-ch-check it out.

Ali Love "Smoke & Mirrors" (Channel 83 Remix)

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Fancy Footwork: Janelle Monae Unleashes Full Video for "Tightrope"

This woman never ceases to amaze me. Check out the excellent, much-anticipated video for Janelle Monae's new single, "Tightrope," that shows Monae and her crew sliding across the screen with some spectacular fancy footwork. First "Tightrope" was a song and now it is a dance move too! Love every second of this new video. And in true Monae-fashion, she packages her visuals with a compelling message that captures the empowering essence of the song, "When you get elevated, they love or hate it (. . .) They try to take all your dreams, but you can't allow it." Dance, dance, dance while walking your tightrope.

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Watch Mini Viva "One Touch"

One of the latest artists from Xenomania's growing artist stable is the duo of Mini Viva who have been stirring up momentum overseas with their deliciously irresistible brand of pop. Mini Viva is the totally fun duo of Britt Love and Frankee Connolly who were put together by 19 Entertainment's Simon Fuller. He is the powerful manager behind people like Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson and many other successful acts. I met the girls for a video interview a few months ago and they are as much fun as their music.

After hitting the scene with "Left My Heart In Tokyo" and "I Wish," Mini Viva now returns with their latest stomper "One Touch." Echoing the sound of the floor filling '80s sounds of Chicago house and hi-nrg, the song is dominated by the girls' bold and confident delivery that packs loads and loads of cheeky girl power. Mini Viva tells it straight up with lyrics, "I'm not afraid of no love andI rock you anyway that I want. I'm not afraid of your stuff and I'm sure I'll keep you running." Oh la la. "One Touch" will be out in the U.K. on Geffen Records on May 10.

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Free MP3 Download: Tegan & Sara "Alligator" (Dr Rosen Rosen Remix)


I have to admit. I'm such a huge fan of Dr Rosen Rosen. Every single remix he puts out is so incredibly well crafted and takes such an interesting perspective on the original track. Rosen Rosen especially has a knack for turning indie faves into subtle and shimmering pop gems. After releasing that excellent Yeasayer remix, he is now sharing his revamp of Tegan & Sara's "Alligator." The song can definitely use a push and Rosen Rosen is just the man to do it.

Tegan & Sara "Alligator" (Dr Rosen Rosen Remix)

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