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Tonight's Superfraiche Previewed in LA Weekly Today

I'm overjoyed! LA Weekly published a preview of tonight's Superfraiche Pop Night and gave it a "Go" recommendation. This is so very, very cool. Check out what writer Fallen James had to say about the show tonight. He totally gets what I want to do achieve with Superfraiche.

"The rarefied world of the Grammy Awards would seem to have little to do with the lives of relatively unknown musicians kicking around in small nightclubs, but that's not stopping several intriguing performers from gathering tonight for "Superfraiche Pop Night: Celebrating the Grammys." British singer V.V. Brown has a way with sunny pop songs like "Shark in the Water" and such retro girl group–style tunes as "Crying Blood," on her new CD, Traveling Like the Light. Her originals are melodic and smart, and she's persuasively soulful on blue-mood ballads like "I Love You." The local band Love Grenades have an especially infectious dance-rock sound with slinky tracks like "Tigers in the Fire." Singer Elizabeth Wight exudes oodles of charisma as she purrs seductively over her mates' throbbing beats and electronics. Although it's a long way from Spaceland to Staples Center, it's not unreasonable to imagine the vibrantly poppy V.V. Brown and/or the dance-crazy Love Grenades achieving the kind of all-around popularity that even the folks behind the Grammys might recognize. With Reni Lane and Scott Simons."


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