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Adam Lambert Does V Man

Check out some really cool b-roll footage from Adam Lambert's photo shoot for the "How To - Dress Like a Pop Star" issue of V Man. Shot by Mark Abrahams, this special pop star photo series features five of pop's biggest movers and shakers including tween sensation Justin Bieber, "first out American pop star" Adam Lambert, Gerard and Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance and Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship. The magazine will hit news stands on Thursday. Check out some exclusive photo outtakes right here.

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I love this video..
Where can I buy this magazine when it comes out?

Posted by: Sharon at Jan 25, 2010 3:11:22 PM

Is this magazine available at regular bookstores like Borders and Barnes and Noble?

Posted by: cherch at Jan 25, 2010 3:15:41 PM

Thanks for posting this! Liked the sneak peek!

Posted by: RandomizeME at Jan 25, 2010 3:26:16 PM

OMFG Adam is the sexiest man I have EVER seen.......gahhhh

Posted by: tara at Jan 25, 2010 3:30:11 PM

o m g Fierce, sexy, beautiful. just wow.

Posted by: Hanna at Jan 25, 2010 3:36:23 PM

Amazing footage,Adam looks absolutely fabulous ! He's a fashion icon for sure !

Posted by: Judy at Jan 25, 2010 3:37:15 PM

Adam Lambert is GORGEOUS!!! He is a STAR!!!

Posted by: Elaine Glambert at Jan 25, 2010 3:37:57 PM

he's f*****g hot

Posted by: Sacha at Jan 25, 2010 3:44:05 PM

Adam too fine!

Posted by: joely at Jan 25, 2010 3:56:32 PM

Ugh, why is this talentless loser everywhere now? What has he even done besides make a bunch of cougars have hot-flashes? Though God knows why, the guy's face could stop a clock. I can't wait till his fifteen seconds are up.

Posted by: Marcus at Jan 25, 2010 4:17:24 PM

mmmm, Adam is just all kinds of delicious!

Posted by: Jacki at Jan 25, 2010 4:27:36 PM


Posted by: Rise2theTop at Jan 25, 2010 4:30:04 PM

WOW!! Adam is gorgeous!! He can't take a bad picture!! Is this magazine available in Barnes & Nobel or Borders ???

Posted by: Nickie at Jan 25, 2010 4:32:32 PM

Hot, Hot, Hot! Adam is so photogenic. Thanks for this video. He always leaves people wanting more...

Hope to see more Adam outtake photos, nice work.

Posted by: Rocker_Girl at Jan 25, 2010 5:16:52 PM

Gorgeous, nice, sexy, talented Adam Lambert will move the magazines fast, so if you can find one, better grab it up early in the day.

Posted by: ianaleah at Jan 25, 2010 5:20:40 PM

joely, you must have no life if you have the time to seek out Adam Lambert articles just to post bad comments about him. What has he done? He has a gold record and dozens of people in the business want to work with him. When he went on the Idols tour he was the star of the show. People were chanting for him wherever he went. Respected people in the industry like Smokey Robinson, Queen, Meatloaf, Steven Spielberg, Slash, Robbie Williams, Rivers Cuomo, Rob Marshall, Leah Michelle, just to name a few, are in awe of his talent. On DDD Music Forums he is ranked as the #2 most technically skilled rock vocalists.


If you still think he has no talent, I dare you to listen to him singing in Brigadoon and tell me he can't sing.


Posted by: Rocky at Jan 25, 2010 5:54:14 PM

Hey, Markus....why are you here, dude, if you don't want to see more of Adam, then why would you come to an Adam photo shoot article??!! Just wonderin'....oh, yeah, and his face does stop a clock - he's timeless. Oh, and he stops traffic, too.
Better get used to his more than 15 minutes, because us grannies with hot flashes want him around for a long long time...ROFL!!!!
Adam...you are amazing, there's no question about it. I respect you, and your music, and I am a fan for life.


Posted by: Karena at Jan 25, 2010 6:52:50 PM

ADAM rules! You can't put a gorgeous man down! You can't put real talent down!

Posted by: Angel at Jan 25, 2010 7:37:29 PM

I've never heard of this magazine but now I have to have it! Thursday at Barnes and Nobles!! Adam's CD went GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Winter at Jan 25, 2010 8:34:35 PM

Joely: Have you seen his picture in Toronto surrounded by hundreds of adoring fans? They're mostly young, with some ladies of a certain age scattered here and there!!!! I'm in my mid 40's, yes... and i'm an Adam fan... but believe you me, it doesn't matter what age we women are, we like Adam. Don't be a mean person. It will make you old and ugly!!! My apologies to sweet seniors everywhere...

Posted by: prgemgirl at Jan 25, 2010 9:46:02 PM

I haven't decided if I like him yet, maybe it's the eye makeup, I dunno but he does have a killer voice. I kind of think maybe he should tone up a bit, he has some baby fat on him but in this shoot his face looks more leaner. ;) peace

Posted by: Wonderful Leonard at Jan 26, 2010 12:03:29 AM


Posted by: Jay at Jan 26, 2010 5:36:26 AM

Yeah @joely,

People such as yourself continue to over use the '15 minutes' saying. Do you not know how to tell time? He has surpassed his '15 minutes' many,many,many times. Time to get a new watch/clock,or better still,don't log onto the sites where Adam's name appears. Apparently, YOU can't handle the heat. Oh,and by the way. Adam has fans of every age demographic. Check out his MuchOnDemand appearance in Toronto. Tweens, teenagers and young adults (mostly females) showing him lots of love. It will prove that 'cougars' aren't the only fans who find Adam HOT!!

Posted by: Lor at Jan 26, 2010 6:58:03 AM

It is not all old people that love Adam, who is the most amazing artist we have had in years....my granddaughters 13 and 15 and 22 thinks he is the best singers and handsome man they have seen. They ask me, grandma is he as handsome as Elvis was in your day....and I remember how I felt when I seen Elvis when he first came out and I told them, Adam is as classy and Hot as Elvis was in his day and you just enjoy his music and watching him whenever you can catch him on t.v.

Posted by: Peggy at Jan 27, 2010 9:21:36 AM

Eh, jeez. I have to say I'm on Marcus' side on this one. Why might Marcus have been reading an article on Lambert if they hate him so? Well, they might be a regular browser of Arjan's blog, like me, for example- and we're all invited to comment, giving feedback.

As for the 15 seconds of fame thing? It's sad, but true. American Idol and similar shows do not exist in order to truly jump start the careers of unknown artists these days. These shows are more interested in drawing out as big a crowd as possible and making big bucks for the producers of the show. Beyond the airtime the youth get on the TV show, Idol does little to truly promote the artists beyond producing a bunch of boring, watered-down pop acts, and it's shown in their history. Most of the American Idol contestants, including most of the winners have gone on to do very little or achieve much success. The few that have broke free like Kelly Clarkson to make deals with other record labels and/or had significant song-writing talents to begin with.

The show doesn't even cater to finding "diamonds in the rough" anymore, as half the people on the show have significant prior music experience- during which they failed miserably. Archuleta had significant training and performances, Carly had produced an album that was a flop, and so on. Idol has come off looking like the producer's pathetic attempts to revitalize people's careers who had a chance but never made it anywhere, instead of giving fresh talent an opportunity like they claim they do.

As for Adam Lambert, beyond dressing up weirdly, he hasn't got a very strong voice of individualism, and his songs up to this point are not top 40 material in my opinion. His music has not lasted for any significant amount of time on the charts. He doesn't write his own music- "For Your Entertainment" having been written by Pink and others, originally intended for her album, but was turned down. How about instead of giving Lambert a bunch of second-hand scraps from other artists, his label should at least give him music with a shot of being successful?

Real stars with staying power like Lady Gaga, etc. have a stronger hand in creating and producing their own music. Even artists like Pink, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani etc. have had a consistent style both musically and visually which has attributed to their professional success and strengthened their individual voices.

Adam Lambert isn't exactly the norm of physically attractive (let's face it, most people are shallow when it comes to the world of major pop acts) given his facial scarring, multi-coloured hair and horrific costume-like outfits.

When the new season of Idol really kicks in, he'll probably just fade away. 15 seconds of fame is the most Idol contestants usually get- in many cases it's a shame, since some of them actually are talented but never given a real opportunity.

Perhaps the only way to really "make it" in the music industry is the old fashioned way- struggling to the top. Elly from La Roux has spoken strongly against American Idol, I think she believes that artists should have to struggle to the top the traditional way. And while Lady Gaga hasn't commented on Idol and Idol-like shows, she has remarked extensively on her struggles to find fame.

There is definitely something cheap and hokey/marketed about Idol-like bands. The 90's are over.. And S-Club 7, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and such bands are over with. I think we need to let artists find themselves.

Posted by: Inuki at Jan 27, 2010 11:21:21 AM

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