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Happy New Year! Celebrate with Jay Z feat. Alicia Keys "Empire State Of Mind" (True Blue Remix)


Happy New Year!

Wishing you peace, love and happiness for 2010. Make it count! Make it beautiful!

There are lots of exciting things happening this year for ArjanWrites.com - including covering the upcoming 52nd GRAMMY Awards for The Recording Academy, more Superfraiche Pop Nights and some other very exciting projects. I'm so grateful for all the opportunities my love for music has given me. I hope that all of you have uncovered your passion and do something with it. If you have not, then you must in 2010!

My pal Josh Madden sent over a brand-new remix that he put together together with producer extraordinaire David Patilllo. Together Josh and David are the soundboard savvy, beat-loving and super cool remix duo True Blue.

Their newest effort is a very special remix of Jay Z's instant classic power anthem "Empire State Of Mind" that they have turned into a wonderful New Year's Eve tribute to New York City, the city of all cities, with cameos by Frank Sinatra and The Notorious B.I.G.

This new True Blue remix is a glorious concoction that packs all of the infectious energy the city has to offer. Tap into it and let it inspire you to make great things happen in 2010.

Jay Z feat. Alicia Keys "Empire State Of Mind" (True Blue Remix)

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Free MP3 Download: Will W "Hollywood Ending" (Aaron Paetsch Fix)


Singer, writer, photographer, self-proclaimed pop culture maven and sometimes ArjanWrites.com guest blogger Will W has a little treat for all of you to kick off the new year with. Download the banging club remix of his new single "Hollywood Ending" that was produced by up and coming Canadian DJ Aaron Paetsch. Strike a pose and a dance a little. This is a straight up dancefloor fix. Look out for it on OutQ Radio soon.

Will W "Hollywood Ending" (Aaron Paetsch Fix)

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Free MP3 Download: Miami Horror "Make You Mine" (Codebreaker Remix)


How appropriate. While spending some time down in the Miami area during the holidays, this super breezy remix of Miami Horror's "Make You Mine" popped up in my inbox. I posted the original track back in February, but now Milwaukee-based nu-diso duo Codebreaker has given "Make You Mine" a little funky make-over. There's nothing "horror" about it - so to say.

Miami Horror is the brainchild of 22 year-old Benjamin Plant. The Australian has put himself on the map by DJing various high profile events in his native Melbourne and remixing a bunch of killer tunes. He's now setting his sights stateside. He performed some gigs in the U.S. this year while working on recording his debut album. To give fans a taste of what's to come, he put out the "Sometimes" EP on iTunes last month (that includes the madly delicious Fred Falke remix of "Make You Mine.")

Miami Horror "Make You Mine" (Codebreaker Remix)

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In The Mix: Listen to ArjanWrites.com RedOne Mixtape


Lady GaGa ruled the pop scene this year. No doubt. She had four consecutive number one hit singles and made headlines with her showstopping performances that garnered her fans around the world. The entertainer thanks much of her success this year to RedOne, the Moroccan-born songwriter who produced all of her hits and helped the singer mold her distinct brand of pop.

RedOne comes from the Akon school of music - electro-infused pop that focuses on hyper-catchy melodies. The producer credits his upbringing for much of his global pop savvy. "Growing up in Morocco meant listening to every kind of music – from rock to pop to dance music, Moroccan traditional, Andalusian music, R&B," he says in an interview. "Morocco is a very multicultural country and its music is very rhythmic."

"Living in Sweden added the pop, commercial, quality side of it," he adds. "People in Sweden just love melodies. It is about creating something that makes you happy, and not complicating it too much. Mixing these two worlds is the perfect combination. Everyone that hears my music thinks it is so global."

Known mostly for his recent work with Lady GaGa, RedOne has been writing and producing music for pop acts for years. I put together a mixtape of some his best work - old and new. Register for my Facebook Page to listen to the mixtape. Included are:

"Broken Heels" - Alexandra Burke
"Breathing Your Love" - Darin feat. Kat DeLuna (spotted at Superfraiche)
"Let's Get Crazy" - Cassie
"Handle Me" - Robyn (RedOne Remix)
"Here We Go Again" - Pixie Lott
"Pokerface" - Lady GaGa
"Whine Up" - Kat DeLuna
"Taking Back My Love" - Enrique Iglesias
"Straight Through My Heart" - Backstreet Boys

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Listen to Grum vs Chelly vs Keri Hilson "Took The Night Down"

Remember Grum's hot spanking remix of Chelley's booty-shaking "Took The Night"? Check out an excellent little mash up of the track produced by RED DJs that includes bit and pieces of Keri Hilson's "Knock You Down." Lots of attitude, lots of fun. Get it here.

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