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Free MP3 Download: Bliss FM "Max Out"


Time for something a little different.

Check out a brand-new track by Virgina duo Bliss FM, which is the teaming of globetrotters John Carmichael and Sebastien Christie. John is the duo's emcree and Sebastien is the beat master. Together they make a groovy hybrid of pop and hipster rap that is another great example of how kids that grew up on hip hop take the ubiquitous genre into a direction of their own - keeping it both sweet and crunchy.

Listen to the new track "Max Out" that is taken from the group's new EP, "Painters Of The Portrait." The song and the lyrics in particular remind me of Chester French's "She Loves Everybody." It is as if the party girl that is the cause of a commotion in that song is still up to her old tricks and appears on "Max Out" to create whole lot more of havoc.

"Painters of The Portrait" is a reflection of the group's healthy dose of confidence. "[The EP] is about creating your own self-image and not letting the media, other people, critics, etc. change that. In addition we've created a new sound on this EP that is unlike anyone else's. You have to hear it to understand."  And there you have it.

Bliss FM "Max Out"

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