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Rihanna Speaks Her Truth on "Rated R"


As one of the most celebrated entertainers in the world, Rihanna is no stranger to making headlines. But nothing compared to the intense media scrutiny that followed that dark day in February. After being thrown into the 24/7 public spotlight, the singer had to deal with issues that were intensely personal and had many far-reaching implications. 

That is where the story of "Rated R" starts.

After releasing three albums filled with troublefree pop hits, Rihanna clearly wasn't in the mindset of creating something similar to please fans and critics. She had bigger issues on her mind. "Rated R" turns out to be the singer's ultimate effort to cope with the pain, anger and soul-searching that followed the violent breakup with Chris Brown.

This new record is filled with conflicting emotions that clearly demonstrate how torn she was while working on this album. Sometimes she lets anger get the best of here ("Mad House," "G4L") and then there are times her music is soaked in heartache and disappointment ("Stupid In Love"). Balancing between confidence and vulnerability, the gritty "Rated R" shows off a more mature Rihanna who is more multi-faceted than I imagined.

She meticulously analyzes her toxic relationship with Brown on "Cold Case Lover" that she co-wrote with Justin Timberlake. She sings, "I don’t need proof. I’m torn apart and you know it. What you did to me was a crime. And I let you reach me one more time. But that’s enough. Should have investigated. But love blinded eyes."

Musically, this is record does not pack as many straight up hits as her previous releases.  But artistically, this is her best effort to date. On "Rated R," Rihanna doesn't hold back and she doesn't pretend. Instead she uses music as an outlet for her hope, pain, frustration and anger. She had to get it out of her system in order to move on the brighter times.

Rihanna speaks her truth no holds barred. In a time when authenticity rules, there isn't possibly anything more that you could want from an artist.

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Maybe it's been her particular therapy, but, are the people really interested in her personal life? Catchy pop songs are gone in this last effort and there are no singles with the potential of "Disturbia" or "Don't stop the musice". Everything smells a bit depressing here. Okay, she's suffered and it can be authenticity, but making a thematic album about your problems is not what some were expecting.

Posted by: Archer at Nov 27, 2009 4:53:02 AM

I think the album is amazing
Rihannas(my number one artist) has pulled it of once again
this shows she has picked herself up and is forgetting about the past
all her albums have a new style
she creates a new image
and even genre at tyms with her musik :D
which makes rihanna so amazing and the fact she is so pretty and not scared to set an immpression on others no matter how diffrent it is :D She is the most amzing and exellent role model any one could ever have
U ROCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Rasanat at Dec 17, 2009 9:59:29 AM

I think Rihanna is a great singer. I think it's great that her album 'Rated-R' focuses on her hardships during her breakup with Chris Brown. It's important for the public to understand how she was affected. She didnt make many if any public statements about how she feels, but now we can understand how she felt thru the music.
Its a really great album. I got it from www.kazaa.com

Posted by: Shaun at Dec 29, 2009 7:28:24 PM

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