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Lady Gaga Speaks at Gay Rights Rally In Washington, DC

"The younger generation, my generation, we are the ones coming up in the world. We must continue to push this movement forward and close the gap. We must demand full equality for all.(. . .) We need change now. (. . . ) As a woman in pop music, as a woman with the most beautiful gay fans in the whole world, [I will do] my part I refuse to accept any misogynist or homophobic behavior in music, lyrics or actions in the music industry. I will continue to fight for full equality for all," Lady Gaga said today at the National Equality March in Washington DC.

It is remarkable how quickly Lady Gaga has been transformed from a weeknight performer at obscure Lower East Side night clubs to a mainstream pop celebrity and bonafide gay icon. It seems almost overnight. She is a voice for a whole new generation of gays and lesbians who have no or very little affinity with activism.

And given her status as a pop star, she creates a bridge to mainstream pop culture and public opinion. Something that is so desperately needed to eradicate ignorance and to promote understanding. Thank you, Lady Gaga.

(Lady Gaga also talks to Towleroad.com about the "single-most important moment of my career" in an exclusive interview here.)

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