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Exclusive Free MP3 Download: MIKA "Rain" (Magistrates Remix)

MIKA's "The Boy Who Knew Too Much" is one of the most fun pop records of the year. MIKA does what he does best. Turn on the falsetto, hit the keys and have good fun with it while striking a perfect balance between feel-good ditties and gut-wrenching ballads.

"Rain" is one of the stand out tracks for me on the album. It has a distinct texture. It feels tighter, more compact than the others tracks. Less brash, more introverted. And that shouldn't be a surprise. The track was produced by Stuart Price who has turned production and soundboard engineering into a true science.

Check out a lush and minimal remix of "Rain" that was put together by emerging British indie-rockers Magistrates. Totally guilt-free. Exclusively on ArjanWrites.com. "Rain" will be released as a single on November 23.

MIKA "Rain" (Magistrates Remix) Exclusive!

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