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Free MP3 Download: Industry "Burn" (Holter Erixson vs Tom Bola Remix)


It's time to get your Europop on and indulge in a guilty pleasure of the catchiest kind.

Download a guilt-free MP3 remix of "Burn," Industry's deliciously catchy single that is burning up the pop chart in Ireland. The single went straight to number one last week, knocking the almighty Black Eyed Peas off the top spot. Now, the group is ready to take on the rest of Europe while preparing their debut album together with none other than Evan Bogart who wrote Beyonce's "Halo" and Rihanna's "SOS." No too shabby for the four boys and girls both the U.K. and Ireland. Cheers to that!

Industry "Burn" (Holter Erixson vs Tom Bola Remix)

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