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C'est Magnifique! Watch Emilie Simon's "Dreamland"

C'est magnifique! Watch the sublime video for Emilie Simon's first English-language single "Dreamland." Fans of Imogen Heap and other sweet-tinged electro pop will be loving this.

Hailing from Montpellier, Emilie Simon is considered one of France's most innovative new pop artists. Simon is a multi-talented singer who writes, produces, arranges and performs all of her own work. Simon creates her distinct sound by mixing and mashing a lot of different instruments and soundscapes. Her knack for sonic experimentation should comes as no surprise as she is the daughter of a sound engineer and has been around recording equipment and soundboards ever since she grew up.

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This is totally amazing!!!

Posted by: Firefly at Sep 13, 2009 12:39:37 PM

I take it this single is not available in the us?

Posted by: Brandon at Sep 16, 2009 9:19:58 AM