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Holy moly!  Anouk never ceases to amaze me. After more than ten years in the music biz, the singer still reigns at the top of her game. She once again serves up a fresh new sound on her new single that is incredibly compelling. You must check out "Three Days In A Row," a stellar poprocksoul stomper of epic proportions. The song is taken from her forthcoming new album "For Bitter Or Worse" that will be released on September 18.

The record was written and produced by Anouk herself in collaboration with Tore Johannson who is mostly known for his work with Franz Ferdinand. The Cardigans, aha and Melanie C. Anouk's laser-sharp musical instinct combined with Johannson glossy production skills has resulted in a slice of pure pop-rock bliss. She turns the conventional song structure up its head and rips it up around the 3:20 mark. "Three Days In A Row" perfectly showcases her larger-than-life vocals. Amazing. Chills up and down my spine. This is some serious rock 'n raw.

What I respect so much about Anouk is that the singer is never afraid to take risks. In fact, she thrives on them. To go out there, to go left-field and surprise us with something new, never being formulaic is what makes her tick. Anouk is a force of nature. A force to be reckoned with. Listen and be amazed. Go tell your friends, family, neighbors and everyone else.

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