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Imogen Heap Talks With Conde Nast Traveler About New Album


Singer Imogen Heap is featured in the September issue of Conde Nast Traveler in which she talks about her new album, "Ellipse."

"When I came home from my last tour, I was completely knackered, my gear was in tatters, my studio was run-down, and I had a new album to write," Immi tells the pub. "I opened Google Earth, spun it a few times, and found what seemed the farthest flung place: Hawaii. I bought a ticket with many stops and took off.”

She continues, "I finished ‘Tidal’ on the train from Hokkaido to Tokyo, riding in my own little cabin. They served complimentary wine and the craziest train food – snails! ‘Tidal’ is about being with somebody in the moment, about disregarding whether you should or shouldn’t do something and relying on instincts. The album is the culmination of the past ten years, when I never had time to stop. On the train –and really on the whole trip - I was able to concentrate and write about things that had been festering inside me.”

Listen to Imogen Heap's entire album (including "Tidal") right here.

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