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Watch Preston "Dressed to Kill"


Check out the vampy video for "Dressed To Kill," the brand-new single of former Ordinary Boys member Preston that will be released in the U.K. on August 23. The song's catchy melody and fizzy electro beat combined with Preston's handsome good looks creates a potent brew that will surely have pop aficionados jumping up and down in their heels.

After Ordinary Boys called it quits in 2008, Preston is now gearing up to break out on to the pop scene as a solo artist.His first single, which was written and co-produced by Preston himself, features his crooning over a catchy synth beat. Totally '80s. Totally fun. Some of you may notice that the song includes a sample of Siouxsie and The Banshees’ 1980 single "Happy House," that was craftfully inserted into Preston's version.

Despite the fact that the Ordinary Boys were a major chart success overseas, Preston had an itch for even bigger things. Pop's newest pup left the group deciding to reboot his music from scratch. He has spent the past year working on his forthcoming solo album "Whatever Forever" that is due later this year.

"I wanted to go into the studio like a mad professor, trying everything, always experimenting," explains Preston in a press release. "I guess that could be seen as being really self-indulgent, but I'd never been able to do before because of the confines of being in a band. Sometimes the band were worried about doing something that would tread on the fans toes, but I think it's actually nice to tread on the fans toes now and again because it wakes them up. It gives them a reminder of what it they saw in you in the first place, why you are different to everything else that’s out there."

Check out more Preston press photos here.

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