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Free MP3 Download: Soundwavve "It's All True" (Tracey Thorn Cover)


Soundwavve is the Brooklyn "emo-pop" outfit of Alex and Diamond, two talented musicians who serve up a infectious brew of pop, electro and radio-friendly hip hop beats. Check out their cover of Tracey Thorn's "It's All True," which Soundwavve turns up its head in their own unique way. It's pretty gutsy to cover such a well-known song among pop purists, but Soundwavve gives it a hot little ring of their own. Pay attention to the new lengthy outro the two added to the song. Very smooth. Very soulful.

Download Soundwavve "It's All True" (Tracey Thorn Cover)

July 30, 2009 in Soundwavve | Permalink


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