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Video Premiere: Fischerspooner "We Are Electric"

This video is pure awesomeness. Art meets electro meets Blade Runner meets neon meets dance beat meets you.  You must check out this new Fischerspooner video for "We Are Electric" that is taken from their excellent new CD, "Entertainment." And that's exactly what this video is. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

The video weaves visual elements of Vaudeville, Kabuki and 60s-era U.S. Space Program to reflect the group's vision for "Entertainment." Singer Casey Spooner enlisted Dazed and Confused creative director Nicola Formichetti to assemble the styling cast and create the look.

"The hat [featured in the video] is based on a Kabuki dance called Wisteria Maiden," singer Casey Spooner explains. 

The hat is not only a central element in the "We Are Electric" video, it also plays a big role in Fischerspooner's stage show. "I do a dance at the beginning of the show about outer space," Spooner explains, "Now the hat signifies even more things: the moon, isolation, ambition, show biz and space travel. I like that it combines several strange and conflicting references that all add up.  It is real neon that Lite Brite Neon installed with a battery pack so I can wear it on stage."

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I don't like the song, the video or their new album.

Posted by: jorge at Jun 4, 2009 7:44:47 PM

Yeah I'm sorry Arjan, but all the songs I've heard from their new album can't compare to Odyssey.

Posted by: LD at Jun 5, 2009 1:48:14 AM

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