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Special Report from Tonight's MuchMusic Video Awards + Live Twitter Feed from Arjan


ArjanWrites special correspondent Will Wong reports exclusively from the MuchMusic Video Awards rehearsals in Toronto today. After the show's run-through this afternoon, he writes that one of the show's highlight will be Lady Gaga's performance of "Love Game" and "Pokerface."

"The performance everyone was talking about was that of now mega-star Lady Gaga, who at this time last year was still relatively obscure. Lady Gaga rocked a fishnet/mesh outfit which was capped-off with a Madonna-inspired cone bra. She entered the stage through a set modeled after a New York City subway train. Surrounded by an army of male dancers, Lady Gaga's medley of "Love Game/Poker Face" was quite the spectacle, where the audience saw her gyrate and grab her crotch. The people loved it!"

Watch Lady Gaga's rehearsals right below. I'm live-twittering the show here.

Read Will's entire report with bits about the Jo Bros, The Black Eyes Peas, Nickelback, Kelly Clarkson and other performers. 



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Always a pleasure to share. Thanks for posting, A! xx

Posted by: Will-W. at Jun 21, 2009 7:11:13 PM

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