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Fraiche MP3 Download: La Chansons "Candy Bar Man"


Atlanta is hardly known as a breeding ground for pop music. But once in a blue moon a new pop act emerges that serves up a little sparkle among the rap, hip hop and R&b that the city is so well known for.

Meet La Chansons. They are the dating duo of Greg and Carson who first met in 2004. On one of their first dates, Greg asked Carson if she wanted to start a band. Greg, a longtime musician, had just left his Athens rock band days behind him, and was ready for a new music project. Carson was an art student in Atlanta with a passion for music and a lifetime fantasy of being in a band.

They bonded over acts like Aqua, Madonna, The Rosebuds, Blondie, Magnetic Fields, Cascada, the Cardigans, Le Tigre and Ace of Base. Now, 5 years later, La Chansons are happily married and have released several digital EPs and singles. Their latest effort is "Just Call Me," an EP of four songs including the catchy "Candy Bar Man."

It is fun little pop track with Carson's sassy vocals and poptastics lyrics, like "My man is a candy bar. Tall, slim and a real sweetheart. (. . .) He talks to me so sweet. Like caramel in my teeth. But he doesn't give me cavities. He's totally sugar-free."

Download La Chansons "Candy Bar Man"

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