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Fraiche MP3 Download: Deluka "Cascade"


Deluka's "Cascade" is like a perfect storm of fluid electronic beats, hailing rock riffs, pulsating bass and Elie Innocenti's supercharged vocals. Somewhere on that fine line between pop-rock and electro is where Birmingham outfit Deluka found the inspiration for their hooky brand of danceable rock. Think The Killers clashing with Joan Jett.

It began when a performance of spunky Ellie Innocenti caught the eye of the electronics expert and producer Kris Kovacs. Together they forged a creative alliance that landed them in Innocenti's bedroom studio. "It all happened organically, really" explains Innocenti in a press release. Soon the duo combined forces with local musicians Daniel Brasco (bass) and Stevie Palmer (drums) under the name Deluka, coined after a dysfunctional character from the motion picture Pretty Woman.

The group is currently finalizing their debut album that will be released this fall on Brooklyn indie label VEL Records. Expect a digital EP this summer. Get a taste for Deluka's potent sound with a totally guilt-free download of "Cascade." Highly recommended.

Download Deluka "Cascade"

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