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I have to admit that I'm super proud of my fellow Dutchy, Esmee Denters. There are only a couple of Dutch vocalists who get a clear shot at global chart success and Esmee is one of them. She is likely to score a solid smash with her new single, "Outta Here" that was written and produced by her mentor Justin Timberlake and soundboard wiz Polow Da Don. (See a video of the recording session here.)

Up until a year ago, Denters was working at a "pannenkoeken" restaurant in a small town in Holland. In her spare time, she enjoyed singing and she decided to record some song covers on a simple webcam to share wth friends on YouTube. Her videos quickly became a YouTube sensation that struck the interest of megaman Justin Timberlake who was looking for fraiche new talent to sign to his new label, Tennman.

Timberlake flew Esmee to Los Angeles, organized a studio session and signed her on the spot when he heard her belt out a tune. For the past year, Esmee has been prepping for the big time by carefully crafting songs for her debut record. Esmee's music is a solid hybrid of pop and R&B, nothing progressive or crunchy, but simply well-produced, super-slick pop music that will feed the appetite of many around the world. (Click here to download "Outta Here" on iTunes.)

Listen to Esmee Denters "Outta Here"

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