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Listen to Brand-New a-ha Single "Foot Of The Mountain"


The fraiche new tunes just keep on coming today.

Check out the fantastic, Keane-like new single by Norwegian pop trio a-ha. To most people stateside a-ha is just that one-hit wonder band that had an '80s smash with "Take On Me" (arguably one of the biggest songs of the '80s in fact). The reality is that a-ha never went away. The tree have continued to make great pop albums. This new single, titled "Foot Of The Mountain," is the title track of their tenth studio album. I'm glad to conclude that after all those years a-ha still delivers the goodness (and great album art).

Listen to a-ha "Foot Of The Mountain"

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I didn't know a-ha were still together... Great song mate!

Posted by: eric at May 4, 2009 8:37:20 AM

Awesome. Thank you. Life time fan. They never left my radar! a-ha albums, solo projects. LOVE! THEM!

Posted by: JimmyD at May 4, 2009 9:28:06 PM

Have been listening to these guys since I was about 11 or 12 years old..I am now 32 and still they are simply brilliant..can see this single making top 10 in UK if if gets air time..Very Keane esk but far better vocals from Mr Harket..cant wait to see them live in November..Happy Days

Posted by: James W at May 7, 2009 4:00:24 AM

Far better vocals than Tom Chaplin's?!!! NO WAY!!! I love A-ha but Tom's a better singer than Morten!!

Posted by: Kea-hane at May 7, 2009 9:01:49 AM

Tom Chaplin??? lol, you must be off your rocker?? Morten is in a different class..Tom Chaplin cant hold a note for anywhere near what Morten can..you have truly suprised me with that comment..but everyone to there own opinion..lol that has made me chuckle though : )

Posted by: James W at May 8, 2009 1:33:23 AM

Vocally there's NO comparing Tom Chaplin with Morten Harket. As much as I like Keane you cannot put them in the same category and Morten held a note for 20.2 seconds in a-ha's 2000 song "Summer Moved On", believed to be the longest note in UK chart history. Morten's vocal range is known to span five octaves, which is unusually high for a Male singer.


Posted by: Kate at May 20, 2009 12:11:41 AM

oh my god!!! morten and tom are diferents!, but morten is a great great baritone the best of the best

Posted by: martin at Nov 8, 2009 4:17:29 PM

Tom Chaplin rocks. I love Keane and Tom's voice, but in my opinion Morten is the best. Morten almost certainly has a wider vocal range, but range isn't everything. An exceptional tenor like Tom Chaplin outclasses other singers with freakish ranges but less quality.

Posted by: Siddles at Feb 7, 2010 2:19:16 AM