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Support Music Now: Colin Munroe Talks About the Importance of Music Education

Did you know that The College Board identifies music as one of the six basic academic subject areas students should study in order to succeed in college? And did you know that the very best engineers and technical designers in the Silicon Valley industry are, nearly without exception, practicing musicians?

Over the next few weeks, I will be featuring videos from artists who are contributing their support to my Support Music drive to highlight the importance of music education in public high schools.

This fundraising drive supports the The Dallas Austin Foundation, an organization that was founded by GRAMMY Award winner Dallas Austin and provides very successful afterschool programs to students in public high school.

Featured first is up and coming Canadian artist Colin Munroe who I have blogged about a bunch of times over the last few months. Watch what he has to say about music education and what it meant to him when he grew up.

DONATE NOW: Give some to The Dallas Austin Foundation. You can donate electronically using the donation widget in the upper left-hand corner of ArjanWrites.com. Thank you!

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