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The Killers To Release Live DVD and Cover Album?


According to a report in Billboard Magazine, The Killers will be releasing their first live DVD later this year.

"We're working on some ideas for what will be our first DVD," drummer Ronnie Vannucci says. "We've been kind of hounded about it for a while, and haven't really thought we were due for it yet, but I think it's time. I think we're approaching the moment of DVD mass hysteria."

But there's more. Vannucci reveals there have been internal discussion about the release of a full-length cover album. Songs already recorded include Bright Eyes cover "Four Winds (U.K. B-side for "Spaceman"), as well as a Cyndi Lauper tune and a version of Murray Head's "One Night in Bangkok." Regarding the latter track, Vannucci says the band "messed around" and recorded it with Louis XIV.

The drummer also talks about the group's third single, which will differ country by country. "That's the weird phenomenon about this [third] album. We're realizing that other counties are picking their own singles. So in America, the next single will be 'A Dustland Fairytale,' but in the U.K., Europe and Australia, it's 'The World We Live In.' But Australia is also playing 'Losing Touch.' Spain is hip to 'I Can't Stay,' which isn't really a surprise. At first when we played it over here it was a little bit like head scratching. But who knows, it could all of a sudden turn around. 'Bones' was like that."

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Happy Friday! Watch The King Blues "I Got Love"

Happy Friday everyone! Check out this super catchy, ultra happy, very upbeat video by The King Blues. This forthcoming new singles by far their most pop-tastic number to date and is b-listed at BBC Radio 1. May well be a huge summer jam overseas.

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Support Music Now: Colin Munroe Talks About the Importance of Music Education

Did you know that The College Board identifies music as one of the six basic academic subject areas students should study in order to succeed in college? And did you know that the very best engineers and technical designers in the Silicon Valley industry are, nearly without exception, practicing musicians?

Over the next few weeks, I will be featuring videos from artists who are contributing their support to my Support Music drive to highlight the importance of music education in public high schools.

This fundraising drive supports the The Dallas Austin Foundation, an organization that was founded by GRAMMY Award winner Dallas Austin and provides very successful afterschool programs to students in public high school.

Featured first is up and coming Canadian artist Colin Munroe who I have blogged about a bunch of times over the last few months. Watch what he has to say about music education and what it meant to him when he grew up.

DONATE NOW: Give some to The Dallas Austin Foundation. You can donate electronically using the donation widget in the upper left-hand corner of ArjanWrites.com. Thank you!

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Free Download: Surkin "Chrome Knight" (feat. Chromeo)


Check out this super fun teaming between hotly tipped french DJ/producer Surkin and groovy Canadian electro-pop duo Chromeo. 

As a former "four-to-the-floor hater", Surkin got into dance music through Detroit ghetto-tech. Browsing the internet, he developed a love for everything electro, from Miami Bass to Chicago ghetto, and from Euro dance to non-house music. His signature glammed-up, filtered house tunes have become a staple on the playlist of people like Mylo, Justice and Tiga.

After his very successful showing at Coachella, Surkin will be making another U.S. stop on May 1 at New York dance mecca Pacha.

Download Surkin "Chrome Knight" (feat. Chromeo)

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Listen to Spree Wilson "Pick You Apart"


I'm so excited for my ATL buddy Spree Wilson. He has almost finished his debut album, titled "The Beauty Of Chaos," and will be shopping it around all the majors to get a big release. Several have shown interest so let's see where he ends up.

Spree is part of a new breed of artists who are part of an exciting new generation of melody makers. It's a forward-thinking group who grew up with pop, rap and hip hop, and are inspired by some of the timeless rock music of the past. People like Janelle Monae, Novel and Chester French are part of that same crop, not limiting themselves to just one single genre in their endeavors.

Check out a demo cut from Spree's new album that shows off his upbeat, soulful side. He's an emcee who spits out rhymes like De La Soul and works the guitar like young Vernon Reid. And I love his lyrical wit with lines like, "Heartbreak stew is the dish/and you can always go for seconds if you wish." Being comfortable as the underdog, Spree's optimism is infectious. Very promising stuff.

Listen to Spree Wilson "Pick You Apart"

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