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In Their Own Words: Chester French Talks About Album Release Day


Do you remember this post? That was more than two years ago...

I've championed Chester French throughout the years, believing that their fresh brand of genre-bending pop would struck a chord with other music lovers as well. Now, Chester French's debut album finally is out and available. D.A. wrote a special note to celebrate this "most awesome day ever." Let's pop a Corona and celebrate Chester-style!

"I've been meaning to write this email all day and have just now, an hour before we tape our performance on the Jimmy Fallon show, gotten a chance to steal a cubicle in NBC's offices and get it done! Make sure to catch our appearance on Jimmy Fallon at 12:35am tonight (11:35pm in the central time zone)," he writes.

"To be totally honest, the album isn't a conventional major label release, and many have been skeptical of our putting out a project that we made totally by ourselves, in our dorm basement, without fancy producers and million-dollar budgets. But it was the album we wanted fans to hear, something into which we've poured years of our time and creative energy, and our bet is that music lovers like you will enjoy something as authentic and homemade as we've tried to make this!" True that, D.A!

Do yourself one big, mighty favor today and buy "Love The Future."

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