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Listen to Lady GaGa "Eh Eh" (Frankmusik Cut Snare Edit Remix)


ArjanWrites.com discovery Frankmusik had a little fun with Lady GaGa's "Eh Eh," and turned the sweet original into a punchier electro-pop tune. Nicely done, Vince. (That incredible photo was shot by David in Vancouver.)

In related Frankmusik news, the Brit is currently on the world's first fully interactive live tour, the so-called Frankmusik - Live & Lost with Blackberry tour. The singer was dumped in a field near Loch Ness with £20 on Saturday and he has to play gigs, use his Myspace, Kyte, Google Maps and Twitter to get to designated stops, get fed, find a place to stay etc, finally ending up at his single launch on April 1. Fun! Check out the first episode here.

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the songs of gaga are ok but she is not a star and im so fucking bored of seeing her face everywhere why her!!!

Posted by: olivier at Mar 24, 2009 4:51:15 AM

This is the sort of colloboration that makes me way excited. I'm glad Frankmusik remixed this song - it wasn't my favourite on the album, but he really gives it a whole new life. Can't wait for the single launch at Dingwalls on April 1st - should be an amazing night.

Posted by: www.electroqueer.com at Mar 24, 2009 7:51:09 AM

Uk music is definitely at a new level this year.. check out this new artist i stumbled across the other day called Harmonay - www.myspace.com/iamharmonay ... www.iamharmonay.com

Decided to promote her and her new single called 'Are You A Raver?'

Posted by: Anne at Apr 5, 2009 4:40:12 AM

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