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Free Download: Chris Price "Dim The Lights, Evangeline"


Check out a totally guilt free download of "Dim The Light, Evangeline," an emotive, alt-electro pop tune by Chris Price. The song is taken from his new album "Post Pop Parade" that is a collection of old school pop tunes. A press release describes that the disc is "paying homage not to today's generally vacuous notions of commercial radio pop, but more to the fun, catchy, primarily independent genres that spawned most of our favorite records from the 80's and 90's."

"Dim The Light, Evangeline" is a song that took the years to complete, but is one of Price's favorites. "Some folks give me a hard time for having sequenced it at the very end of the "Post Pop Parade", but when you look at everything as a whole -- in the album sense -- that's really where it belongs," Price writes ArjanWrites.com.

"More than any of the others, it's got this uplifting, emotional -- almost anthemic -- tone to it that makes it a really great "album closer" of a track.  Some of the other songs on the album can be moody -- even dark -- in their pursuit of dancing, sex, and otherwise good old fun..."Evangeline" throws in a bit of love and optimism for good measure." (Click here to download "Post Pop Parade.")

Download Chris Price "Dim The Light, Evangeline"

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