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Free Download: Super 700 "Someone Stole My Car"


Time's for something a little different. Check out a totally guilt-free download of "Someone Stole My Car" by Berlin indie rockers Super 2007. The song is taken from their new album "Lovebites" that is available in U.S. download stores now.

"Someone Stole My Car" is a beautifully crafted, unconventional pop tune that invokes memories of the lush, organic qualities of forward-thinking bands like Goldfrapp and M83. A press release describes the magical meaning of "700" in the band's name:

"The number 700 is a sacred number. The hidden temple has 700 entries, there are 700 sins, 700 famous mountains and the legend of the 700 spices of Alu Ben-Grachier and then there is the “Super 700”. 7 musicians female and male (discounting future ballet ensembles and symphony orchestras), 7 very special talents, 7 maniacs, 7 fine tuned guardians of good taste (. . .) Super 700 are wild and smart, gorgeous and disheveled, progressive and totally focused, very normal and extremely cool. Only the best can be heroes."

And there you have it. The songs for "Lovebites" were written by Ibadet and Bassplayer Michael early 2008 in France. The album was produced by Irishman Rob Kirwan (U2, Depeche Mode) and recorded in the Planet Rock studios in Berlin. Download the track after the jump.

Download Super 700 "Someone Stole My Car"

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