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While Sam Sparro is eagery awaiting the GRAMMY Awards on February 8 to hear if "Black & Gold" will get the "Best Dance" nod, the L.A. based singer is prepping the release of his new single "Pocket."

The song is one of the highlights on his debut album that hold so much truth for many people. Sparro's lyrics advocate tolerance among all people in unambiguous terms. "It's a life in color not black and white but some people think they're the ones who got it right. In a room so full you have to be a little more flexible," he sings.

"It is a song that is about living in a country where people, especially in politics, are very homophobic and regard gay people as second class citizens, Sparro tells Arjan in an interview. "I think people need to be a bit more tolerant and flexible and try and see other people's points of view."

Listen to a brand-new Presets remix of "Pocket" that beautifully highlights Sparro's warm and soulful timbre. This man deserves a hit and this is the song that can deliver.

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