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Listen to Lady GaGa "Just Dance" (B.Two Remix)


Electro-funk DJ oufit B.Two from Australia have put their own spin on Lady GaGa's megahit, "Just Dance." Bread 'n Butta have titled their remix "Gag Your Dance" and they prefer to call it their Bemix, not remix. All's fine with me.

Now that Lady GaGa has hit the stage of world domination and even the paparazzi is gettting a taste of her (is she wearing pant or not?), I wondering if the singer can extend her fame beyond "Just Dance." Sometimes that one hit song stands in the way of follow up success. We'll wait and see.

Download "Gag Your Dance" (Bemix)

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If you want to take a view on whether Lady G has another hit single or two up her sleeve, listen to her album The Fame for free on We7 and judge for yourself.


Posted by: We7Hannah at Jan 19, 2009 4:13:17 PM

Oh come on, let's give the girl some respect. She has two legitimate hits already - "Poker Face" is already an international hit outside the U.S.!! :')

Posted by: Will-W. at Jan 19, 2009 7:05:01 PM