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John Legend's Candid Footage of Obama Inaugural Event

This is pretty cool... Who knew that John Legend and his assistant were such fanatic video bloggers. Yesterday, they took their flip cam to the Lincoln Memorial where they shot some very candid moments at the "We Are One" Obama Inaugural Event. Look at him, Josh Groban and Beyonce joking around while waiting for Barack and Michelle to come and greet them. "Let's bring out the 'Single Ladies,'" Legend quips. "Yes, we can." (Scroll to the 7 minute mark to see Legend's moment with Obama.)

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the best part is when obama does the single ladies "shoulda put a ring on it" dance move.

Posted by: eric at Jan 19, 2009 4:46:45 PM

Love this guy and his music. Glad to see he's not afraid to have an opinion in this day of politically correctness. I'm a free downloader. I get free music from wherever I can, but I always purchase my Legend CD's. Because I see him giving back. That deserves my hard earned dollars. Hope you make it to Sacramento on next tour.

Posted by: msStyle at Jan 19, 2009 5:49:09 PM

Now that's cool! It's somewhat surreal seeing Beyonce starstruck and stressed over not having her camera phone with her :') Thanks for posting this!

Posted by: Will-W. at Jan 19, 2009 7:03:25 PM

Glad we live in a time where all the news gets to the people!

Posted by: Pat Thayer at Jan 21, 2009 9:17:36 AM

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