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Well, well, well (or should I say "ho, ho, ho" to stay in the spirit of the season).This questionable little piece of work is called "Joseph, Better You Than Me" and features not only The Killers and Elton John but also Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant.

Pretty awesome bunch, right?

But the tune is a bit of a let down. What were they thinking? It's definitely not your run-of-the-mill Christmas tune. It's not instantly catchy or memorable. The song is more comparable to The Killers at the time of "Sawdust" than The Killers at the time of "Day & Age" (if that makes sense). Will it be a Christmas number one song in the U.K.? Probably not.

The collaboration between Neil Tennant, Brandon Flowers and Elton John in itself is something to remember. I just had hoped they had collaborated on something a little bit more potent.

I don't think this video is the offical video. I'm guessing a crafty YouTube uploader just put this quickly together (that's what I hope).

Update: A few of you just emailed me to let me know that this YouTube video is in fact the official video for the song. Yes. Really.

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