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Free Download: Codebreaker ft. Kathy Diamond "Fire"


No matter how cold it gets in their hometown of Milwaukee, electro-funk duo Codebreaker sure knows how to stir up a party. Check out their new single "Fire" that features London funk/house singer Kathy Diamond. It is a funked up space ride with a whole lot of attitude that the guys released on their own Disco Demolition Records imprint.

In a recent interview with Anthem magazine, the group responds to the success of D.F.A. and the so-called "disco revival" in American music. "Look, at the end of the day, I just think more people here in the U.S. are realizing, Fuck, life is for living," the group comments. "Hanging out at these socially-conservative mini-conferences known as 'indie rock shows' or some chach'd out nightclub is just a bummer."

"Give us soulful stuff; funky, sexual, free, and expressive. The tides are turning and whether it's performing with Codebreaker or DJ'ing, I've been seeing nothing but more & more people letting go, and rejecting all those silly confines," they add.

The group also announced this week that they have recorded a cover of  Jimmy Ross' "First True Love Affair" originally created in 1982 for the popular Buffetlibre project. It is a relatively obscure and sophisticated italo-funk/electro soul number that is perfect for the eclectic taste of Codebreaker.

Download Codebreaker ft. Kathy Diamond "Fire"

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My Favorite Songs of 2008


So here it is. My list. The collection of songs that had me dancing, crying, wondering, grooving, thinking and sitting upright in total amazement.

Some of the songs on this list should come as no surprise to frequent readers of this blog. Artists like Janelle Monae and Roisin Murphy truly stand head and shoulders above others just because they present a sound that is not only fresh, unique and innovative, but also sweet & cruncy.

It's pop music with a bite. Music you gotta chew on for a while before you can appreciate it.

All the songs on my list share that same quality. They have that bite. That thing that makes them last. That makes me want to hear them over and over again. And I know their crunch will last long beyond 2008.

I decided not to do a bunch of different lists. I stuck to songs only like the true iPod warrior that I am who prefers to listen in shuffle mode. What can I say. Please shuffle. Surprise me.

I have lots, lots of thoughts, ideas and hopes for 2009. But I will share all of that at a later time. This year was a hectic year for me with lots of change.  While I'm packing to visit Europe for a week tomorrow, I just want to take a moment to wish all of YOU a fantastic new year. I truly appreciate that I can share my passion for music with you every single day. It means so much to me. Thank you for that. 

Find my list of favorite songs of 2008 after the jump.

Arjan's favorite songs of the year:

Roisin Murphy "Slave To Love"
Janelle Monae "Many Moons"
Chester French "She Loves Everybody"
Grace Jones "Williams Blood"
Chromeo "Momma's Boy"
N.E.R.D. "Happy"
Rihanna "Disturbia"
Antigone "More Man Than Man"
Keane "Better Than This"
Kanye West "Robocop"
Sam Sparro "Pocket"
Ladyhawke "Magic"
Heloise and The Savoir Faire "Downtown"
Michelle Williams "Hello Heartbreak"
Antony & The Johnson "Another World"
Cindy Lauper "Into The Nightlife"
Alphabeat "Fascination"
The Killers "Tidal Wave"
Frankmusik "3 Little Words"
Artymove "Stepping Out"
Sebastian Tellier "Divine"
Lykke Li "Breaking It Up"
Dizzee Rascal ft. Calvin Harris "Dance Wiv Me"
Anouk "If I Go"
Little Boots "Stuck On Repeat"
Colin Munroe "Will I Stay"
Semi Precious Weapons "Magnetic Baby"
Marina & The Diamonds "Obsession"
Ferras "Hollywood Is Not America"
Jamie Lidell "Another Day"
The Presets "This Boy Is In Love"
Hercules & Love Affair "Blind"

I'm very curious what your favorite songs of 2008 are. Log in to the ArjanWrites Social and share.

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Monsieur Adi Wins Frankmusik Remix Contest


This is very, very cool.

ArjanWrites.com reader Adamo (aka producer extraordinaire Monsieur Adi) just won the Frankmusik online remix contest. Dozens of DJs and producers sent Frankmusik their remix of his excellent new single "3 Little Words" over the past few weeks. Monsieur Adi's tune up was hand-selected by Frankmusik as the winner.

The Milan-based Monsieur Adi had a very specific vision of Frankmusik's song. "I wanted to do something that was dark, dramatic and romantic a little that felt cinematic," he writes me. "Before I started the remix I was watching some different videos and movies for a completely different project. One was a video of a favorite collection of mine Tom Ford did for Gucci which was inspired by Blade Runner with the majority of soundtrack from Rob Dougan. Everything was so modern yet classical and sterile so I thought all of this would be cool to try to put in a remix."

"Generally, though, I get so inspired when I hear music from Bjork, Stuart Price, Daft Punk, Mirwais, Justice, Rob Dougan, Madonna, Vivaldi, and Rachmaninoff," he adds.

Rachmaninoff and Tom Ford! This man sure knows his classics. No wonder that his remix of "3 Little Words" has such an orchestral, spaced out feel to it. Congrats, Monsieur Adi, and we hope that your remix gets an official release. On iTunes at least. It deserves it.

Listen to Frankmusik "3 Little Words" (Monsieur Adi Remix):

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Listen to Keane "The Lovers Are Losing" (CSS Remix)

The new CSS remix of Keane's new single "The Lovers Are Losing" is so fresh and so much fun. I hear cowbell! I hear guitars! The band should release this little tropical wonder as an album bonus track or B-side. It totally fits the gusto of "Perfect Symmetry," one of the best LPs of 2008. Ch-ch-check it out.

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Listen to Brandy "Right Here" (The Deficient Remix)


Cannes, France is hardly known for its buzzing electro scene. I've visited the Rivera town several times and all I remember is the gorgeous beachside boulevard, chic clothing stores and that fantastic Carlton hotel. But Cannes-based Yannick Gazzola (aka The Deficient) is trying to change the city's calm nightlife scene a little. Check out his jerky revamp of Brandy's "Right Here" that features a ferocious dancefloor breakdown and an unexpected smooth middle eight. (Click here to purchase Brandy's "Right Here" on iTunes.)

Download Brandi "Right Here" (The Deficient Remix)

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