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Scissor Sister Del Marquis to Release Solo EPs

While we're eagerly awaiting new material from Scissor Sisters, the group's bassist Del Marquis announced today that he will be digitally releasing a series of solo EPs the first Tuesday of every month from December through April.

The EPs include collaborations with Joan As Police Woman and Basement Jaxx vocalists Vula Malinga and Sharlene Hector. The first EP, titled "Hothouse," will be released on December 2. The title track addresses how gay rights were used as a divisive tool by the Bush administration and the society of fear his regime created.

The EPs will be accompanied by innovative digital shorts that were produced by Del in partnership with Embryoroom Multimedia Group. "The video project has a sci-fi edge that compliments the pop sheen of the EPs," a press release describes. "What's the fun of pop music if you can’t expose the seedy underbelly of it all?"

Check out the first digital short above that features the original track. It's a bit trippy so brace yourself. In this first video Del plays a character named Viz, shackled as his train speeds towards an unknown destination. "Why he is a prisoner and of whom remains a mystery. Viz passes in and out of consciousness, as waking and dreaming are a blur. His memory is manipulated and his identity scanned by a figure in the darkness. As Viz is identified and his visions absorbed, he seemingly becomes an image of his own fear."

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wanna love it but don't.

Posted by: johnnycat at Nov 9, 2008 6:25:32 PM

Sounds like a strange yet great combo. The clip has looks and sounds that rock and scare. Can't wait!

Posted by: j.matalin at Nov 10, 2008 8:16:16 PM

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