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DJ Brad Walsh Remixes Britney Spears' "Womanizer"


DJ Brad Walsh brings on the pomp for his newest remix project.  Check out his revamp of Britney's "Womanizer," on which he injects the original with a hot, buzzing electro pulse and a whole lotta sex appeal.

"As with Ashlee Simpson’s 'Outta My Head,' I wasn’t entirely blown away by Britney’s comeback single 'Womanizer,' so I remixed it to my liking," he explains on his web site.

Walsh does a lot more than just remixing hot new tracks. He can best be described as a chameleon extraordinaire who has his finger tight on the pulse of what's hot and happening. He mixes music, writes tunes, performs songs, is a photographer and a fixture on New York's underground club scene. Make sure to look up his web site and see some of his work (his photography is amazing).

With Brad on her side, Britney Spears pumps up her street cred a little.

Listen to Britney Spears "Womanizer" (Brad Walsh Remix)


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The Killers "Human" Released on iTunes Today


Here it is. Finally. Officially. Formally.

We've had a week to let this "Human" sink in. So what do you think? Love it? Hate it?  Here's what some of you wrote me about the new Killers single:

"Stuart Price's influence makes their new wave sound come through" . . . "Wish it was a bit less 'Never Ending Story' sounding and a little less techno." . . . "Awesome awesome awesome." . . . "I honestly feel that Brandon's voice is perhaps too polished and lacks the grit that I love about his voice." . . . "Beautiful. I anxiously await 'Day & Age.'" . . .  "Great song. I love the feeling."  . . . "I am kind of disappointed. I do not quite get why their newer songs don't have that catchy hook as 'Mr. Brightside' or 'When You Were Young.'" . . . "Basically, i consider this track to dawn a new age of music for this planet."  . . . "The lyrics just sound like meaningless giberish to me." . . . "The sound of this song reminds me of some German schlager music."

I think "Human" introduces an exciting new chapter in The Killers' discography. I'm a bit surprised though how easy it was for them to go from desert grunge back to their new wave-ish beginnings. I guess Flowers and the guys really just felt more comfortable making glittery, synth-driven pop after all. And many thanks for that.

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Semi-Precious Weapons Totally Loves You


Semi-Precious Weapons, the winners of the MTV Logo ArjanWrites Award, release their debut album "We Love You" today. It is a raw and rambunctious collection of infectious "kunty" punk pop that has fans in a frenzy. The album was produced by long-time Bowie collaborator, Tony Visconti. Not too shabby for a Brooklyn start-up.

"We Love You" will be available in three formats: single CD, single CD with necklace, and double jewel case with limited edition gun USB jewelry necklace (pictured below). The re-writable USB will include bonus content – two full length music videos, liner notes, photos, and wallpaper.

The inspiration for the USB package comes from SPW's crazy fun and uber-fabulous lead vocalist Justin Tranter’s hugely successful rock-inspired jewelry line, Fetty.  The line is available at Urban Outfitters, Fred Segal and Hot Topic; an exclusive high-end version is also sold at Barneys. 

"I started my jewelry line as band merchandise. It blew up and took on an amazing life of its own," explains Tranter. "Having a USB necklace that we made ourselves brings it full circle.  Kunty rock n’ roll jewelry that contains actual SPW rock n’ roll content. It’s like I made it up, it’s so fabulous, but it’s real!" (Click here to download "We Love You" on iTunes.)


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Listen to Chris Cornell ft. Timbaland "Scream"


American rocker Chris Cornell teamed up with superhouse producer Timbaland to work on his new album, titled "Scream," which will be released on Interscope Records in November. The first result of their unusual collaboration is the album's title track that will hit radio in the next couple of weeks. And with the help of Timbaland, Cornell might have a huge hit at his hand. Think OneRepublic, think Keri Hilson.

After working with The Hives and Fall Out Boy, Timbaland got a taste of working with rock musicians and Chris Cornell was high on his list to produce next. In interviews, he referred to the recording sessions with the former Audioslave singer as "the best work I've done in my career," and predicted that Cornell will be the "first rock star in the club." Cornell previously had a modest hit with "You Know My Name," the theme song for 2006's Casino Royal Bond flick.

"Scream" presents Timbaland's signature bombast - big, brash beats, dramatic strings and a radio-friendly melody. Whether you like Timbaland or think he's just too full of himself, you gotta give him props for coming up with interesting new twists and partnerships that defy expectations. Head over to Cornell's MySpace page to listen to two additional Timbaland-produced tracks, "Ground Zero" (reminds me of Cee-lo a little), and the party stomper "Watch Out."

Listen to Chris Cornell ft. Timbaland "Scream" (clip)

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Free Download: I'm Fresh You're Pretty "No Limit 2008"


Et voila!

After weeks of teasing, teasing, teasing and teasing, the cat finally comes out of the bag. Paris dancemeisters I'm Fresh You're Pretty have created a jerky electro revamp of 2Unlimited's eurodance classic "No Limit." I remember hearing that song over and over again on Dutch radio when I grew up in Amsterdam. At that time, 2Unlimited was Holland's biggest export product with the exception of tulips, wooden shoes and Gouda cheese. Enjoy this 2008 remake. C'est tres fresh indeed.

Download I'm Fresh You're Pretty "No Limit 2008"

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