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Listen to Jack's Mannequin "The Resolution"


There's something very special about the sun-baked pop rock of San Diego outfit Jack's Mannequin.

Their seemingly upbeat new single "The Resolution" packs a very upfront and personal message. The song was inspired by singer's Andrew McMahon yearlong battle with leukemia in 2005 that almost killed him. But after a strenuous treatment he now is a multi-year survivor who has turned his experience of battle and survival into music.

"My past is my past and a lot of our new album is about that," McMahon explains in an interview. "But it is also about trying to write myself out of it. This is a record about trying to get out from underneath something. I want people to receive the music for what it is and not have to contextualize it against my own personal battle."

"I want to be able to relate to people when I write songs, he adds. "Part of what's driven me to make music is this idea of connection; taking my experiences and writing about them honestly, but in such a way that someone in a completely different situation can still relate to them. I wanted to make a record that wasn't exactly about what I had seen, but what I had felt along the way."

Stephenie Meyer, author of the best selling novel series Twilight, is set to direct Jack’s Mannequin's music video for "The Resolution." Look out for that on an MTV screen near you very soon. (Click here to download "The Resolution" on iTunes.)

Listen to Jack's Mannequin "The Resolution" (Quicktime)

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