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Free Download: Peter Bradley Adams "I'll Forget You"


Peter Bradley Adams sure knows how to stir a feeling.

Check out a guilt-free download of "I'll Forget You," a track from Adams' new EP "Leavetaking" that is available in digital stores now. "I'll Forget You" is another gorgeous and soothing slice of contemporary Americana with Adams' quiet crooning, delicate vocals harmonies and toned down acoustic instrumentation (banjo included). It's an epic tune despite its restraint and subdued delivery.

Download Peter Bradley Adams "I'll Forget You"

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Listen to Temposhark "I Kissed A Girl" (Katy Perry Cover)

Rob Diament adds a bit of his own vibrato and a whole lotta drama to Katy Perry's ubiquitous "I Kissed A Girl" that he performed with Temposhark at a London radio station last night. Very well done. It definitely creates a nice little spin when a guy sings this song and hopes "his boyfriend don't mind it."

On a related note, after releasing their fantastic debut "The Invisible Line" earlier this year, Temoshark is currently writing new material for their sophomore effort.

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Free Download: The Streets "The Escapist"


Not sure why, but The Street's excellent new single "The Escapist" reminds me of home. A place where I haven't been nearly enough this year, and most definitely not as much as before.

"The Escapist" is soulful, wistful and filled with the MC's captivating storytelling. "No barrier, no boundary, all hours I please. The freedom to stay all stray. Be fiend or friend, cause no harm but charm - the peaceful end," he proclaims.

The song is taken from the The Streets' new LP "Everything Is Borrowed," which will be out in the U.S. in October. A savvy PR pro got a little carried away and describes the disc as a record that will "bring a smile to the saddest visage." Musically, this new album promises to bring more of the geezer's signature style of soundboard tricks and real instruments combined with an old-school hop hip vibe. The Streets (aka Mike Skinner) is keeping it real.

On "Everything Is Borrowed," he discusses subjects such as religion ("Alleged Legends"), evolution ("The Way of the Dodo"), biological destiny ("On the Edge of a Cliff") and male friendship ("The Sherry End").

Download and watch the video for the "The Escapist," which shows a walking tour from the U.K., across the channel and into the big, wide continent. It makes me miss Europe. See you soon.

Download The Streets "The Escapist"

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Listen to Jack's Mannequin "The Resolution"


There's something very special about the sun-baked pop rock of San Diego outfit Jack's Mannequin.

Their seemingly upbeat new single "The Resolution" packs a very upfront and personal message. The song was inspired by singer's Andrew McMahon yearlong battle with leukemia in 2005 that almost killed him. But after a strenuous treatment he now is a multi-year survivor who has turned his experience of battle and survival into music.

"My past is my past and a lot of our new album is about that," McMahon explains in an interview. "But it is also about trying to write myself out of it. This is a record about trying to get out from underneath something. I want people to receive the music for what it is and not have to contextualize it against my own personal battle."

"I want to be able to relate to people when I write songs, he adds. "Part of what's driven me to make music is this idea of connection; taking my experiences and writing about them honestly, but in such a way that someone in a completely different situation can still relate to them. I wanted to make a record that wasn't exactly about what I had seen, but what I had felt along the way."

Stephenie Meyer, author of the best selling novel series Twilight, is set to direct Jack’s Mannequin's music video for "The Resolution." Look out for that on an MTV screen near you very soon. (Click here to download "The Resolution" on iTunes.)

Listen to Jack's Mannequin "The Resolution" (Quicktime)

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Free Download: Emilie Simon "Space Oddity" (David Bowie Cover)


Eccentric French chantreuse Emilie Simon is coming to America and has a little gift for ArjanWrites readers. Check out her heart-stopping cover of Bowie's 1969 classic "Space Oddity" that you can have totally guilt-free. It's a fine piece of art that does the phenomenal original fully justice. The tune first appeared on a French David Bowie tribute compilation that was released in Europe in 2007.

Hailing from Montpellier, Emilie Simon is considered one of France's most innovative new pop artists. Simon is a multi-talented singer who wrote produced, arranged and performed her most recent album "The Flower Book." Simon is performing shows in Los Angeles and New York in September and October to play tracks from her forthcoming new disc.

Simon's atmospheric pop is somewhat reminiscent of Imogen Heap and Bjork but totally stand on its own with the songstress unique, high-pitch delivery.  As clearly shown by her cover of "Space Oddity," Simon creates her distinct sound by mixing and mashing a lot of different instruments and soundscapes. Her knack for sonic experimentation should comes as no surprise as she is the daughter of a sound engineer and has been around recording equipment and soundboards ever since she grew up.

Download Emilie Simon "Space Oddity" (David Bowie Cover)

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