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Janelle Monae: So Incredibly Stunning


Janelle Monae graces the cover of the new issue of URB Magazine who picked her as their favorite "girl of summer." What an incredibly stunning cover photo! She's a like a magic little thing that just descended upon us and brings a unique new spirit to the music scene. You gotta pay attention.

She tells the magazine in an interview about her fasincation with science fiction. "I’'e always been obsessed with the unhuman. I’m just very intrigued by it,” she admits, before telling the tale of Cindi Mayweather, her alter ego. "She’s the James Brown, Elvis, Judy Garland and Janelle Monáe of 2719. She and I, we made a pact to tell our [respective] lands about the stories that happen in Metropolis. All the tales I’ve heard from Cindi have been extremely life-changing for me because we do go through similar things. But hers are more eerie."

Read the entire interview here.

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Video Premiere: Roisin Murphy "Movie Star"

You all know that I adore Roisin Murphy.

That woman can do no wrong for me. But I have to admit that I am a bit underwhelmed by her new video for "Movie Star." What is it that I just saw? I might be totally missing the point of it.

After looking at it a few times, I must conclude that it just isn't all that sleek, stylish and chic that I've come to expect from her.

I love the drag queens, transgenders and eccentric left-field types that parade around in the video, but as soon as the singer starts making out with a giant red lobster she loses me. What in the world is that? The video takes a turn that is a little too horror for my taste with strung out, bloody zombies running around in the street. It's like a scene from 28 Days Later.

But fear not! One questionable video will not undo my love for Roisin Murhpy. And this single should be, will be and has to be a hit. Go buy it.

UPDATE: Thanks for your comments. It turns out that I did indeed totally miss the point. Smrtmkny notes that the video is a homage to John Waters'  Multiple Maniacs where Divine is raped by a lobster. The video concept and execution makes a lot more sense now.

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Free Download: Templescene "First Day"


Fans from Keane, Coldplay and other wistful Brit pop should check out British newcomers Templescene. They are the duo of Philippe Rose and Ric Levy who "have been lucky enough to watch and learn from some of the great musicians of our time," according to their web site.

They started off making the tea and worked their way up until they had engineered for the likes of Korn, Eric Clapton and Dave Matthews Band. But after learning from the best, they picked the the mic and instruments, and started recording their own tunes.

They have released two EPs, titled "Another Town" and "Sektor," which are available on iTunes UK. Download a guilt-free MP3 of their tune "First Day," a  multi-layered, atmospheric pop gem. Very pretty.

Download Templescene "First Day"

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It's True! Grace Jones Planning a Comeback

This weekend is full of surprises. None other than Grace Jones appeared last week in London at Massive Attack's  2008 Meltdown Festival to perform her classic "Pull Up To The Bumper."

Look how she moves around the stage. Amazing. This woman hasn't aged a year since she stepped out of the limelight about twenty years ago.

And there's good news for Grace Jones fans. The singer is working on a comeback record which will is scheduled to hit in September. The album will be released on England's premier dance electro label Wall of Sound so that is possibly a good indication of what Jones in 2008 will sound like. Slave to the rhythm, baby.

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A Few Words About FNMTV


Can I just take a quick minute to say that I really enjoy MTV's new "music show" FNMTV (Friday Night MTV). Yes, that's right. The video is back as the topic of conversation on MTV mixed in with exciting live performances (Rihanna and Maroon 5 this week and Duffy last week). The channel that introduced music videos to the mainstream around the globe turned into it a trashy reality show haven over the last decade in the network's attempt to boost ratings. It is nice to see MTV rework some of it's old glory. Too bad it is only an hour a week, but hey, it is better to sip from a glass half full than from a glass half empty.

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