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Vote Now! Introducing the Nominees for the MTV Logo ArjanWrites.com Brink of Fame Song Award

Tata! Check out the six artists I've nominated to win the MTV Logo 2008 ArjanWrites.com Brink Of Fame Song Award. I've written about all of these performers in recent months and all them serve up a sweet and crunchy sound that will give you something to chew on for a good while. Let me re-introduce all six again:

Janelle Monae

Janelle is one of my latest discoveries who has really impressed me with her music, message, mind and movement. She's truly one of those rare talents who dares to think out of the box to create her own distinct brand of music. Growing up in Kansas City, Monae left her troubled surroundings to pursue a career in musical theater in New York City. But her love for Judy Garland, Elvis Presley, Tupac and Michael Jackson took her to Atlanta where she established her own record label and recorded her debut album with Outkast's Big Boi. The result is an exciting LP that offers as much style as substance, which is rare these days.
Listen to "Many Moons"

Chester French
I was one of the first music writers to recognize the talent of these Harvard grads back in the fall of 2006. Captured by their melodic ditties and lyrical wit, I knew that D.A. Wallach and Maxwell Drummey were in it for the love of good music and solid songwriting. Fast-forward to the spring of 2008. The duo is now signed to Pharrell Williams' StarTrak Records and they are preparing their big label debut in September. And even though Chester French are not gay, they are equal opportunity music makers, which makes them even cooler.
Listen to "She Loves Everybody"

Semi-Precious Weapons 
I remember interviewing Justin Tranter years ago when he was doing his solo stuff. He struck me instantly as someone who is never going to fit in a pre-defined little box to meet people's expectations. That's just too boring. Now heading up glam-rock outfit Semi-Precious Weapons, the band is heading for the big time with people like Kate Moss and Jake Shears as some of their biggest fans.
Listen to "Magnetic Baby"

Hercules & Love Affair
Andrew Butler chose the name Hercules & Love Affair for a reason. In Greek mythology, Hercules is considered one of the most adventurous characters. And Hercules & Love Affair is just that. Old-school funk infused with modern electronica and crazy fun discoball glitter. It is a sound that immediately captured me with its quirky stylings that made a lasting impression.
Listen to "Blind"

Lady Gaga
The boys are going gaga over this hot new Lady. Powerful vocals, a spunky attitude and a powerful dance groove can go a very long way, but its her burlesque pop that make LadyGaga a unique phenomenon on the New York dance scene. Before we know it she'll be tearing up a club near you. Simply irresistible.
Listen to "Just Dance"

Heloise & The Savoire Faire
Fronted by the super charismatic Heloise, this band creates a mesh of late-'70s disco-infused dance punk and '80s synth-pop that might remind you of Scissor Sisters, Glass Candy and perhaps even The Gossip. It is a totally super fun sound that will have you jive a little - on the dance floor or your living room.
Listen to "Illusions"

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I LOVE LADY GAGA! I hope she wins!

Posted by: Eric at May 9, 2008 7:09:29 AM

I LOOOOVVE Janelle Monae!!! She is soo different from anything out there! Thanks for putting me on to her Arjan! You know when her album drops????

Posted by: Kandigrl07 at May 9, 2008 12:32:25 PM

my vote goes to Heloise & The Savoir Faire "Trash, Rats & Microphones" is an incredible cd! love love love them!

Posted by: candy at May 9, 2008 1:50:36 PM

YES! Semi Precious Weapons. You know how to make a lady happy. Those boys are so fucking hot. I saw them in Boston last night. After my roommate showed the band her tits, she made out with the drummer on the street. It was amazing. Rock And Roll bitches. VOTE SPW people.

Posted by: kris at May 9, 2008 2:46:10 PM

BOOO GAGA. She is so fake it hurts my soul. I'm not really into any of these people. BUT, I will have to go with Semi Precious...at least they play instruments.

Posted by: Jax at May 9, 2008 2:48:07 PM

My vote goes to janelle monae! Her music is super funky, free, and she works with Outkast! As a lesbian she is the epitomy of a strong woman. She even has her own recording label the Wondaland Arts Society!! How cool is she??? Go Janelle monae!!!!

Posted by: NYchica00 at May 10, 2008 9:27:39 AM

GaGa has stolen all her best stuff from Justin Tranter's jyrics

Posted by: Les at May 10, 2008 8:18:04 PM

i love these guys.
their music is awesome.
they should blates win.

Posted by: Jeniee at May 11, 2008 1:15:27 PM

Janelle monae is very weird and I really love it for some reason.lol Chester French sounds fun. Between those two for me...

Posted by: three6maf at May 12, 2008 4:52:31 PM

Semi Precious Weapons all the way, their live show is unbeatable! Pure, trashy Rock n Roll! Vote for em'!

Posted by: T-rav at May 23, 2008 9:25:09 AM

Semi Precious Weapons should rock this vote beyond belief. They are the best. They are THE rockstars.
They are what we all want! Yay Arjan for putting them up for this award. You Rock.

Posted by: Perry at May 28, 2008 9:25:54 PM

hercules and love affair betch!

Posted by: at Sep 30, 2008 5:16:04 PM

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