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Video Premiere: Lorraine "When I Return The World"

Check out this spacey video for Lorraine's new video "When I Return To The World." It is a video that is filled with fast-moving, futuristic visuals that perfectly fit the song's grand and anthemic sonics.

The video was directed by 26 year-old Norwegian director Darri Thorsteinsson. This new Lorraine single is available on iTunes in the U.K. now and hopefully soon on 7Digital.com as well so fans around the world can enjoy some Lorraine goodness. 

In related news, Lorraine officially announced their London Barfly show on 10th June. This will be their only U.K. live appearance this year according to a press release. Look out for Lorraine's debut album, tentatively entitled 'Pop Noir', later this summer.

So what do you think? Will this song and video finally mean chart success for Lorraine? Let's discuss.

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A Few Little Bits About Justin Tranter


Justin Tranter is a rock god in the making.

The deliciously "kunty" frontman of New York glam-rock band Semi-Precious Weapons has been stirring up a sensation in clubs around the country and in the U.K. in anticipation of their debut LP "We Love You." The album will be out on Razor & Tie Records later this year.

I briefly ran into Justin and the band (at an escalator of all places) right before the taping of the MTV Logo NewNowNext Awards on Times Square last week. The group made a quick photo appearance before heading over to play a show at Irving Plaza.

If you're new to Semi-Precious Weapons, I pulled together a few little factoids about Semi-Precious Weapons and Justin Tranter to give you a bit more insight into this phenomenon on the rise.

Tranter likes to hang out at fancy hotel bars, because their managers often "get a little upset when men in full makeup dance around in 6-inch heels in front of all the nice people staying there for the week."

Three albums that had the most influence on Tranter are Patty Larkin's "Perishable Fruit," The Little Mermaid soundtrack and Patty Griffin's "Thousand Kisses""

The singer considers the the entire Mandy Moore catalog his guilty pleasure songs.

If he wasn't a performer, Tranter admits he would be "collecting cans and cashing them in at Key Food, because I actually did that for awhile and I was pretty into it."

Not only did Tranter release his very successful Fetty jewelry line , but he also entered into a partnership with Donna Karen to release his own brand of sneakers.

The first concert Tranter ever saw was a Paula Cole concert: "It was fucking stunning. She wore masks, growled, screamed, and sang her ass off. Actually it was kinda rock ’n roll."

Designing jewelry should come as no surprise as his mother is a designer of engagement rings. "She only does like ten to fifteen rings a year, but when they’re massive diamonds it ends up being a good time."

Head over to the Semi-Precious Weapons web site to stock up on Tranter merchandise, including "fucking gorgeous gloss" and a "genderless hoodie"

Great Britain's Princess Beatrice is a closeted Tranter fan and treated herself to $3000 Fetty ring at Barney's last week.

(Semi Precious Weapons is nominated for the MTV Logo ArjanWrites Brink Of Fame Award. Vote here.)

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A Shout Out from Precise


Remember I wrote abput that remix of Madonna's "The Beat Goes On" featuring the rap of the fabulous MC Precise a couple of weeks ago? As a little thank you, she recorded a brief audio shout out for all the readers of ArjanWrites.com.

It's hotness.

Download ArjanWrites.com Precise Audio Drop

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Free Download: Passenger "Walk You Home"

Passenger is slowly but surely catching on in North America. The British band is traveling stateside for two big showcase performances in New York and Los Angeles early June. When one of you tipped me about the group a good while ago, I was immediately captured by Mike Rosenberg's idiosyncratic crooning. It sounds like his vocal track has been sped up, but no, that's really how he sounds.

Don't be fooled be the upbeat tone of the song. "Walk You Home" is a song about a creep stalking his female obsession. "I see you nearly every night. I see you when you’re down in your house, With my night vision binoculars," Rosenberg sings. "I creep as quiet as a mouse. Well I get jealous when I see you stroking his hair. But it's ok I tell myself cause I know it's only I’m not there."

"Walk You Home" is taken from the group upcoming U.S. EP "Night Vision Binoculars" that will be released digitally on June 24. Not sure why Passenger's label opted to release an EP with a selection of songs digitally first while the entire album is already available across the pond. Why not release the whole thing digitally now? But, alas, that's a whole different discussion. Enjoy this guilt-free MP3 download courtesy of Passenger.

Download Passenger "Walk You Home"

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The Killers Duet with Duran Duran

This is fantastic! Last week, The Killers' Brandon Flowers and Dave Keuning joined Duran Duran on stage at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for a little "Planet Earth" action. It's synth pop magic in real-time. Watch the entire scene go down here in all of its glory. I kick myself for not finding this sooner, but better late than never.

Notice how Brandon has stepped into a time machine and morped back into the foppish, fey and dandylicious performer he was at the time of "Hot Fuss." Gone are the days of the scruffy face, cowboy boots and moustache. It seems that the collaboration with Stuart Price is heading somewhere glam.

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